Advisor for the Development of a National Industrial Development Policy (NIDP) for Samoa

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Advisor for the Development of a National Industrial Development Policy (NIDP) for Samoa

Company Overview:
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Project Overview and Role:

Program Background:
Samoa Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP) consolidates NZMFAT support under a single programme that addresses a number of long standing issues in the enabling environment for private sector development and provides a balanced package of direct support to SMEs comprising finance (loans and equity) and business development services. The overall goal of PSDP is inclusive economic growth and sustainable development of Samoa’s private sector in alignment with national development objectives and generate improvements in profitability and employment.

Consultancy Background:
The objective of this consulta ncy assignment is to develop a National Industrial Development Policy (NIDP) for Samoa that will enhance and improve private sector inputs and boost exports in goods and services where Samoa has comparative and competitive sustainable advantages.

It is envisaged that this assignment will be undertaken by an individual consultant or a small team (maximum of two people). The total level of inputs is estimated at 40 days. International consultants must include a local consultant on their team (or be prepared to work with one). An additional 20 days is allocated for the contracting of a local consultant. Separate daily rates should be stipulated for the two consultants reflecting their level of skills and experience.

Ideally, the assignment will commence in September/October for completion by end of February 2021 (a longer period to factor in Covid-19 disruptions). The Consultant should indicate when s/he will be available to undertake the assignment.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The scope of the work required of the Consultant(s) includes the following:

1) Undertake a literature review.

2) Develop an “Industry Assessment Framework” for assessing goods and services in Samoa. This Framework could include criteria such as: local availability of resources and capacity, global market growth for the good or service, availability and accessibility of required investment, level of overseas competition, barriers to entry, safeguard measures (realising the impact of epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, etc. on Samoa’s ability to connect to the global value chain), representation of population groups (women, men, youth, persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups) and the potential for employment creation (direct and indirect); ability of Samoan businesses to differentiate themselves in ways other than volume or price.

3) Using the Industry Assessment Framework as a guide, undertake consultations (ideally in the field, but remotely if necessary) with:

  •  Private Sector Organisations (e.g. SAME, SCCI and SBH);
  •  Private sector companies, particularly good and service exporters, and including women-led businesses;
  •  Other relevant community development groups;
  •  Commercial banks
  •  Key development partners
  •  Relevant Ministries/Agencies
  •  to validate a feasible approach for interventions and identify goods and services Samoans see as having the greatest potential for growth and identifying key obstacles at the industry, macro, and market level that need to be overcome to realise that potential.
  •  Through consultations and literature review, develop a solid understanding of the regulatory environment, trade policy, investment & fiscal incentives, access to finance and support programs affecting key sectors and industries.
  •  Define roles of the Government, private sector and other organisations in addressing these issues, including a manageable number of priority policy initiatives for Government to promote the development of the priority goods and services.
  •  Compile a concise draft NIDP that pulls together findings from (1), (2), (3) and (4) and technical advice in (5), together with a brief (5 page) completion report outlining the assignment and the work undertaken. Ensure it incorporates aspects of Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning (MERL) and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) into the NIDP
  • Present the draft NIDP in a validation exercise, develop a matrix of feedback and make any required amendments and submit final draft of the NIDP to MCIL

Required Qualifications:

  • Post Graduate/other advanced qualification in one or more of the relevant subject areas: Business, Economics
  • Long term experience in advising on industry and/or private sector development policies/strategies, and ideally direct experience of developing such policies/strategies for other developing countries.
  •  Experience working in the Pacific region and preferably in Samoa (for international consultants, this may be achieved through involvement of a local consultant)
  •  Good understanding of GESI as it relates to Industrial and private sector development.

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Applications close on 30/09/2020 at 11:59pm.

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