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Job Summary

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems:**

a. Technical and Systems Development

· Contribute to the development and updating of the country AME strategy, the consolidated AME work plan and AME frameworks for all ongoing projects;

· Ensure that AME findings are reflected and their recommendations are incorporated in future concept notes, proposals and implementation plans;

· Implement the AME policies and procedures as described in the ACTED AME standard guidelines and make sure that the tools are followed as applicable;

· Contribute to an effective roll-out of M&E collection and reporting systems to all staff and partners through training, site visits, manuals, and other technical support as needed.

· Provide daily and weekly reports on the work progress for AME manager.

b. AME Implementation and Management

· Develop the ToRs and mission plans and carry out assessments, monitoring and evaluations (baselines, mid-terms, endlines) as reflected in the ToR and mission plan;

· Continue recruitment procedures as needed (with relevant sections, with contestants) Under the supervision of antakya AME manager

· Contribute to design and coding of tools in KoBo.

· Develop and oversee the implementation of appropriate data collection and, methodologies (e.g. survey questionnaires, focus group discussions, key-informant interviews) and data/information dissemination/utilization plans;

· Closely supervise data collection activities and ensure that data collection teams are organized and resourced as needed, and that they deliver as per field mission plans and according to data quality standards;

· Maintain electronic and/or paper-based MIS systems for tracking and reporting all quantitative data and information including reporting on ACTED’s 16 global strategic program indicators;

· Analyze AME data and produce simple reports, as necessary in a timely manner;

· Measure and report on qualitative and quantitative input, process, output, outcome, impact, objective, and goal-level performance indicators for all projects;

· Provide AME related capacity building and awareness to implementing partners and other institutions supported by ACTED as appropriate;

· Represent ACTED in different forums on AME related issues when required.

c. Learning

· Contribute to proactive dissemination and use of knowledge gained through AME activities among Project Managers, Technical Coordinators and Project Development Manager/Officers;

· Contribute to organizing and facilitating learning events in order to capture best practices and lessons learnt when a project closes or as required;

· Document and share the lessons learnt and best practices on time and ensure that the knowledge gained contributes to the improvement of projects and influence the strategic development of future projects and activities;

· Support project implementation and improvement by providing timely information around project successes to be scaled up as well as challenges to allow ‘course correction’ throughout life of the program.**

d. Beneficiary Complaints and Response Mechanism

· Build capacity and understanding among ACTED staff, partners and contractors on beneficiary accountability and CRM.

*Contribution to the Beneficiary CRM

· Contributing to the implementation of the beneficiary Complaints and Response Mechanism (CRM) for the country mission in line with ACTED standard beneficiary CRM procedures;**

· Build capacity and understanding among ACTED staff, partners and contractors on beneficiary accountability and CRM.

e. AME Team Management

· Working closely with AMEU Senior officer/Manager to design appropriate information collection tools and methodologies including the assessment TORs, questionnaires etc.

· Distributing new surveys and training AME Monitors on the surveys and different methodologies for data collection for each activity.

· Ensuring transparent, accurate and timely collection of data by administrating surveys, semi structure interviews, conducting focus groups of other participatory information collection tools from the field as well as collecting secondary data from secondary sources of information.

· Routine data quality management and supervision of AME Monitors; this includes ensuring data accuracy and completeness.

· Provide regular reports to the AMEU Manager at frequent intervals on the progress of the implementation of the assessment activities and on the AMEU monitor’s observations during day-to-day operations.

· Cross check the accuracy of data entry.

· Performing any other activities requested by the AME Manager.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Number of monitoring cycles closed with a way forward discussion conducted with the project and coordination teams within the timeline given in ACTED’s AME guidelines and over the past 6 months

  • % of projects with close out meeting held for the projects closed during past 6 months

  • Lessons learnt and best practices recorded in the Country Lessons Learnt and Best Practices document according to ACTED’s standard learning procedures and updated in regular and timely manner

  • Number of learning events to capture best practices and lessons learnt organized/facilitated within the last 6 months

  • Beneficiary CRM implemented in the mission as per ACTED standards

  • % of team members provided with internal/external training during the past 1 year

  • Complete the work at the specified time.

Required qualifications

  1. University degree in civil engineering or a related field from an accredited academic institution.

  2. 1- 2 years of relevant professional experience.

  3. Very high communication and management skills.

  4. Previous experience in assessments, monitoring & evaluations in INGOs.

  5. Attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality work.

  6. Experience in using KOBO or any ODK software.

  7. Commitment to inclusive team behavior.

  8. Very good English skills would be desired.

  9. Good knowledge of the Geographic work area is required.

  10. Willingness to ask for help.