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Job Summary

Job Description


1.- Main Objective/Background:

The consulting firm will provide tailor-made business development services to Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) puree processors and bakeries in consortium countries led by women and youth. This support will provide these businesses with critical business skills sets that they require to become profitable and financially sustainable ventures. The hands-on support will enable the businesses to clearly articulate their offerings, their value proposals, identify key customers, develop an appropriate infrastructure and achieve financial viability. The consulting firm will also identify innovative financing mechanisms to scale-up both the OFSP-based products and the shelf-stable technology throughout the East Africa region.

2.- Technical Specification of the item:

The consultant will offer the development of cutting-edge business models within OFSP puree processors in East Africa. These will include 1 SME in Tanzania, 3 in Rwanda, 3 in Ethiopia and 3 in Kenya.

The consultant should have proven expertise in partnerships with lead firms, business associations, investment funds, partnerships with technical assistance providers, as well as working with SMEs on performance improvement.

The consultant shall provide quarterly update reports to the Project Manager summarizing project activities progress and next steps.

3.- Deliverables and dates for delivery (place):

  • Conducting rigorous needs assessment and designing an appropriate support framework for each enterprise
  • Developing a clear intervention plan for each enterprise with specific milestones that are measurable, and time-bound
  • Supporting each enterprise to execute the plan with an eye towards developing skills, capacities and business thresholds that will be needed for each enterprise to scale/garner private capital
  • Identification of the key financing constraints for SMEs and provision of a set of practical tools and strategies to overcome these constraints;
  • Identification of innovative and SME specific instruments to improve access to finance for SMEs
  • Development of a set of recommendations about internal changes to be made by SME to improve access to finance, e.g. accounting and auditing standards. Develop a recommendation on how to lower the cost of finance
  • By incorporating horizontal and vertical learning alliances among and between innovators, and enablers:

a) Identify and widely disseminate best practices

b) Incorporate lessons learned to ensure that the program continues to become more effective and efficient throughout the period of performance

6.- Project:

1389-ICIP: Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) Puree for Bakery Applications in East Africa for Nutrition, Post-harvest Loss Management, and Youth & Women Economic Empowerment

7.- Duration of the contract (start and end date):

October to December 2020

8.- Other comments:

The financial proposal should contain:

  •  Itemized consultancy fees/costs;
  •  Acceptance to payment schedule
  •  Itemized administrative expenses;
  •  The financial quotations should be all inclusive.

CIP will not meet any other costs related to the assignment.

The consulting team profile should contain:

  •  The full names of all participating consultants and their roles, including technical expertise;
  • References (Names, physical and email addresses and telephone numbers of three references for the consultancy organization which must relate to similar work done within the last three years, and the contact details (names, addresses and email and telephone numbers) of the persons who will be ultimately responsible and accountable for contracting the consultants for that work);
  •  Physical address of the firm;
  •  Telephone number(s) of the firm (if applicable) and participating consultants;
  • · Full name and contact information of the contact person within the consulting team;
  • · Copy of registration or other certificate, VAT and PIN;
  • · Full names of Directors/Proprietors;
  • · Clear and detailed work plan including a Gantt chart;
  • · All applications received by the submission date will be reviewed by a selection committee based on pre-determined objective criteria. Upon selection, the consultant(s)/consulting firm would be invited for a discussion and requested to submit a detailed inception report and work plan prior to starting.
  • · NB: The Technical and Financial proposals must be submitted separately:

· Bidders should provide a technical and financial proposal in two separate attachments clearly marked “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” and Subject line “CONSULTANCY: Business Development OFSP”** and addressed to: cc to be received latest by Tuesday 20th October 2020.

Applicants should attach sample(s) of instructional materials that they have developed in the past to support their application. Screening of applications will begin on or around 21st October 2020