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Job Summary

Job Description

Lebanon is one of the most diverse countries in Middle East. Its rich culture in terms of heritage from various Empires and Kingdoms is breath-taking. Lebanon is a country with many ethnic, cultural and religious communities. Syrian War and mass exodus of citizens from there have taken its toll on Lebanon society. Lebanon society was already a host of large thousands of Palestinians and hosting refugees from Syria created a new social dynamics. Lebanon society was comprised of Palestinian residents, Syrian refugees and Lebanese citizens. The clash of influences between the stronger countries in the region in many occasions creates a challenge for co-existence of Lebanon communities.

Recently Lebanon economy suffered a decline, which needs a further boost in order to survive the challenges of inflation and returning tourism in various seasons. Social dynamics have also created different cohesion in the society, thus it is of utmost importance to understand in depth political constellation, but also socio-economic status of Lebanon today.

CARE International presence is consolidated in two main areas: Beirut and Tripoli, although we have a minimal presence in Tyre as well. CARE Lebanon has scaled up rapidly over the past few years and today it has over 63 staff members and is in partnership with over 18 different local/international organizations. 90% of the team is composed of national staff with symbolic number of international presence. Programming areas include; GBV, Protection, Livelihoods, WASH, Shelter, etc. As we are working on shaping the CARE Lebanon future vision, it would of utmost importance to understand community dynamics, conflict settings and the way we operate in the forthcoming period.

Hence in order to serve our participants better through our programming, we seek to strengthen our conflict sensitivity skills. In line with this we are seeking a consultancy that would conduct three various workshops in Beirut and Tripoli in the area of Conflict Sensitivity and Diversity.

Mission’s Overall Objective:

To support CARE Lebanon in developing a comprehensive conflict sensitivity analysis for our organization programming and ways of working.

Specific objectives:

  1. Support CARE Lebanon programs to understand the complexities of Lebanon geo-location and its possible harmful and beneficial impact.

  2. Mapping of the key conflict sensitivities in the area of programming and program support services.

  3. Support CIL direction towards becoming more culturally aware and conflict sensitive.


  1. 1 day of preparatory work with the SMT on setting of the Conflict Sensitivity and Diversity Workshop.

  2. 3 x 3 days of Conflict Sensitivity and Diversity Workshop with CARE Lebanon staff.

  3. Provision of the Conflict Sensitivity Workshop Report (3 days).

  4. De-briefing with CARE Lebanon SMT (2 hours)


The focal point for this consultancy will be CARE Lebanon Country Director. Other key CARE Lebanon staff that will provide guidance and information will be SMT members. CARE Lebanon staff will facilitate logistical support; arrange/attend meetings; provide interpretation if necessary; and provide background information concerning CARE Lebanon’s capabilities in program area; and give feedback on the feasibility/appropriateness of proposed strategies.

Tentative Time Frame :

22nd of June 2019 arriving in Beirut.

6th of July 2019 departing from Beirut