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InSeptember of 2015, world leadersset a transformational course for the future of human development with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Millions of people were involved in crafting this global agenda-- governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, the UN system and concerned individuals, including children, adolescents and youth. These stakeholders and othersare now activelyinvolved in implementing this agenda from the local to the global levels so that all people -- including all children -- will live in a safer, cleaner, more equal and more prosperous worldby 2030.

UNICEF is committed to supportingthe successful implementation of the SDGs, working with a diverse group of partners to see that theGoals deliver results for every child and for generations to come.

The 2030 Agenda includes 17 Global Goals addressing the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Attached to the Goals are 169 concrete targets measured by 232 specific indicators; 35 of which are directly related to children.

Most countries have insufficient data to assess whether they are on track to achieve the SDG targets for children, but available data show an alarming number of countries needing to speed up progress to reach global targets. A key part of this is general lack of information on and understanding of the SDGs so that citizens can play an active role in realising the goals and holding governments and partners accountable for reaching the goals and targets.

UNICEF is responsiblefor 7 SDG indicators and co-custodian for a further 10. In this role, UNICEF supports countries in generating, analysing and using data for these indicators for all their citizens. This includes leading methodological work, developing international standards, and establishing mechanisms for thecompilation and verification of national data, and maintaining global databases.

Engaging children and young people in the SDG implementation and advocacy process is highly important, since the 2030 Agenda is about everyone, of all ages and background, and will directly affect the future the children will live in. As the lead UN agency on children, UNICEF has a wealth of experience of engaging children and youth in social and development processes. The proposed initiative aims to bring the SDGs closer to the young generation, as well as involve and rally children behind the SDGs. This can be accomplished by creatively adapting the content of SDGs into age-appropriate learning materials that can resonate with and be assimilated by school-age children. In turn, the respective SDG child-friendly materials can be mainstreamed in the school curriculum and used during the teaching and learning process in the Eastern Caribbean countries and beyond.


The consultant will develop teachable material which will transform the Sustainable Development Goals in the form of a main short story on the goals and their relevance to children in the region, as well as a mini story on each of the 17 goals.

This product should leverage the universal visual language and transformative power of comics and should include the use of main and support characters who are culturally relevant to the countries in the region, as well as illustrations to support the storyline. The learning materials should be age appropriate for pre-school (2-4 years), primary (5-11 years) and secondary (12-16 years) school-age children, and therefore, adapt the content and focus depending on age (colouring, reading, understanding, retelling, etc).

The Consultant will be responsible for researching the SDGs; drafting the materials/storylines; liaising with an illustrator to produce the accompanying graphics; fact checking the storyline with UNICEF and other relevant persons; and pretesting the stories with children and relevant stakeholders (e.g. Ministry of Education, UWI) before finalisation.


SDG child-friendly stories/activities for pre-school, primary and secondary school children, each level comprising:

  • One main story on the 17 SDGs with characters that are relevant to Caribbean children;
  • Mini stories on each of the 17 SDGs.

As part of the quality assurance process, UNICEF and partners (Ministries of Education, UWI, etc ) will review the deliverables and share comments for inclusion/response at all stages.

A total of 60 working days are estimated for completion of the assignment and expected deliverables. The planned overall duration of this consultancy is 4 months, with expected start on 3 June 2019 and completion by 30 September 2019.


The following qualifications and experience are expected:

  • A Bachelors degree in development studies, communication, social and/or environmental sciences
  • At least 5 years proven relevantprofessional experience in story writing for children in the Caribbean;
  • Previous authorship of similar assignments for developing child-friendly stories;
  • Understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Strong English writing and presentation skills;
  • Strong communication skills, including with children and youth.

For every Child, you demonstrate…

UNICEF’s core values of Commitment, Diversity and Integrity and core competencies in Communication, Working with People and Drive for Results.


  • The Communication and Monitoring and Evaluation teams will monitor the progress of the consultant’s work.
  • Consultant will use her/his computer
  • Consultant will submit draft and final stories in an electronic form.


  • Prior to commencing the contract, the consultant will be required to sign a Health Statement and to document that s/he has appropriate health insurance, if applicable. The consultant will be responsible for the accuracy of that statement.


The consultancy fees will be paid in two instalments as follows:

  • Upon acceptance of draft stories, 50% of the total sum;

  • Upon approval/acceptance of and final stories, 50% of the total sum.


Consultants and Individual contractors, even those working from home, mustcomplete the following online courses prior to signature of contract. All certificates should be presented as part of the contract.​

  • Ethics and Integrity at UNICEF 
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Abuse of Authority 
  • Sexual Exploitation Abuse (PSEA)

Consultants and Individual Contractors must completethe following coursebefore commencement of any travel on behalf of UNICEF.

  • BSAFE Security Training

Any consultant or individual contractor who is issued a UNICEF email address must complete the following courses no later than 30 daysafter signature ofcontract.

  • UN Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • UNICEF Information Security Awareness Course 
  • Fraud Awareness