Development of illustrated handbook for integration of disaster preparedness actions in Integrated C

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Job Summary

Job Description


Program for Strengthening Preparedness for Emergency Response and Recovery in India (PROSPER-India) seeks to facilitate the integration of disaster preparedness actions in the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of Govt. of India. As one of the inputs into this task, an Illustrated Handbook for integrating disaster preparedness actions in ICDS in Bihar of about 36 pages is envisaged covering the following aspects:

a. Guidance to Anganwadi workers on do’s and don’ts to prepare for various hazards that affect various districts of Bihar.

b. Framework for monitoring of disaster preparedness actions (month and season wise) at various levels that may be integrated in the existing monitoring system.

ADPC is looking to engage an individual consultant/organization to undertake this task. The consultant hired for the task will be provided with the content to be included in the handbook but will be expected to define the communication approach for the handbook based on the needs of the potential users and develop the illustrated handbook accordingly in English and Hindi. The consultant is expected to submit a soft copy of the document in English and Hindi and 20 hard copies in each of the two languages.

The assignment will be carried out over 02 Months tentatively starting from 20 June 2020 – 19 August 2020.


PROSPER India Programme Manager based in Patna, Bihar


Program Manager, PRR, based in Bihar.

Required Qualifications/ Selection Criteria:

  • Lead consultant to possess a Master’s degree in any subject related to Development Communications / Disaster Management/ Social Sciences/ Rural Development/ Human Resource Management or any other relevant discipline from a recognized university with excellent command over English and Hindi.
  • Understanding of disaster preparedness/ resilience
  • Good command of English and Hindi in both written and spoken.
  • Excellent computer skills, especially skills in operating the MS Office (word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software)
  • Excellent interpersonal and public relations skills; ability to work with a team in a multi-cultural environment
  • Experience of having carried out similar work in the past
  • Strong desire to learn; undertake new challenges; must have self-confidence; a willingness to work hard; a good sense of humor and fun but with seriousness about the quality and excellence of work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

With support and guidance from Program Coordinator, PRR, based in Bihar, the consultant would perform the following tasks:

  • Develop the ‘Illustrated Handbook for integrating disaster preparedness actions in ICDS in Bihar’ in English and Hindi and submit in print-ready format.
  • Submit 20 hard copies each of the document in English and Hindi
  • Perform other related duties that may be assigned by the Program Manager.