Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Advisor

World Vision , Nairobi, Kenya
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Job Summary

Job Description

Job Title : Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Advisor

Reporting to : Technical Program Manager- Child Learning and Household Resilience

Grade Level : 16

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

Provide strategic guidance and coordination of Disaster and Risk Reduction (DRR) & Climate Action interventions within the field operation areas through strengthening climate resilient programing as a means to enhancing DRR and disaster management across the Technical Program, grant projects and in line with FY 21-25 strategy guidance for increased Household resilience and towards safe and healthy environment for children.

Major Responsibilities

Technical support 30%

  •  Provide effective technical support to project teams on roll out of child responsive DRR and climate action elements in the National Office and within AP & grants projects.
  •  Ensure DRR and Climate action strategic and operational plans guidance and roll out across the organization.
  •  Ensure accountability and institutionalization of DRR in WVK through the application of disaster risk management and climate resilient programming.
  •  Participate in joint technical coordination, planning and review meetings for DRR and Environment and Climate Change plans and initiatives within the organization and externally including with government.
  •  Develop and or review children sensitive DRR and climate action programming/planning guidelines and business processes to support smooth implementation
  •  Enhance skills and capacities of staff and partners in DRR and Climate Action strategies, successful models and approaches in the Child Learning and HH Resilience TP and other TPs.
  •  Coordinate regular learning forum to profile, communicate and ensure adoption of promising practices as well as disseminate strategic DRR and climate action guidelines
  •  Support/enhance linkages with EARO and GC DRR, Climate action and Resilient Livelihoods learning centers for continued backstopping to enable quality programming within WVK
  • Accountability, Learning and Innovation 25%
  •  Ensure all programme/operations staff are aware of core humanitarian standards (people in aid, sphere, WV standards etc
  •  Develop training materials and manuals on child responsive DRR and Climate Action.
  •  Development of Child Learning and HH Resilience TP Design and/or yearly Annual Operation Plan (AOPs, DIPs, Annual Budgets)
  •  Support programs/projects to ensure that high quality Technical Program/Project Designs are in place while mainstreaming DRR and Climate action in the project/programs
  •  Support in ensuring quality (re)-design for Child Learning and HH Resilience TP projects and climate change grants, AOPs, proposals and concepts as per LEAP guidelines and other standards
  •  Ensure interpretation and utilization of assessment, baselines, evaluations and verification on quality of designs
  •  Strengthen research, learning, documentation and dissemination of WVK work in DRR and Climate Action
  •  Ensure development of standardized monitoring tools for tracking DRR and climate change indicators.
  •  Upscale and support WVK’s current work and integration on DRR and Climate Action within and among WVK’s areas of operation
  •  Facilitate Early Warning & Early Action processes and ensure institutionalizing EWS in WVK
  •  Facilitate Regions and Programs to develop high quality integrated DRR and Climate Action projects through conceptualization, innovation, development and planning
  •  Gather data at National level for reporting on DRR and Climate action as well as reports (MMR, Semi-Annual, Annual Reports) and CWB Annual Report
  •  Conduct trainings for staff on emerging/contemporary trends on DRR and climate change for increased awareness and integration.
  •  Provide periodic trainings to IDMC and NDMT members.
  • Program Development and Resource Acquisition 25%
  •  Lead in development and utilization of MOUs / working agreements with sector strategic, funding and program/project implementation partners
  •  Participate in Go-No Go Processes, write ups, meeting with prospective donors and submission of concepts/proposals
  •  Technically support Resource Acquisition & Management (RAM) team to develop proposals/concepts to prospective donors and SOs for DRR and Climate Action Projects in general as per the yearly set targets;
  •  Physically present/defend DRR and Climate Action Proposals to donors in coordination with RAM when required
  •  Respond effectively to calls and queries by donors and SOs on key Concepts/Proposals in coordination with RAM and;
  •  Develop Sector Specific Job Descriptions for technical staff in liaison with People & Culture
  • Engagement, Networking and Advocacy 15%
  •  Establish and maintain strategic contacts with the UN, Government, INGOs, Universities, Research Institutions, Donors and Embassies
  •  Ensure WVK representation in key strategic DRR and Climate Action working groups and forums
  •  Ensure mainstreaming of advocacy in Child Learning and HH Resilience TP projects
  •  Ensure key International Days are celebrated in partnership with key stakeholders.
  • Other 5%
  •  Carry out any duties that may be assigned from time to time by the supervisor
  •  Participate and contribute in committees and task forces as may be signed from time to time
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  •  Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Disaster Management, Environmental studies, Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Social sciences, International Development or a closely related field from a recognized university related discipline
  •  Relevant Post graduate qualification(s) will be an added advantage
  •  Minimum of 7 years’ experience in implementing and providing strategic guidance in DRR and Climate Action programming across projects.
  •  Good understanding of climate change issues and natural resource management, resilience, adaptation, mitigation, low carbon development and environmental stewardship.
  • Demonstrated track record in proposal development, funding acquisitions and grant management for major government donors preferred.
  •  Understanding of the working of Government in relevant sectors and/or of development partner’s projects, policies and strategies.
  •  Relevant experience in the private sector engagement and research or academic experience.
  •  Good understanding of the international trends and approaches at both national and global levels
  •  Excellent project management skills and a good understanding of the project life cycle – PMD Pro;
  •  Membership with professional environment and climate change is added advantage
  •  Computer literate especially in Microsoft Office Suite


Source: http://careers.wvi.org/job-opportunities-in-africa