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Job Summary

Job Description

World Learning is seeking a consultant who is an early grade learning measurement expert with a strong research background and knowledge of USAID basic education programming specifically on early grade reading and mathematics. The applicant will work closely with the senior education specialist on the Global Education Team at World Learning. The applicant will advise formative and summative assessments for early grade learning specific to low- and middle-income countries and how it applies to USAID programs. The applicant will also contribute to working papers, internal presentations, and other research activities on early grade reading and mathematics at World Learning. The applicant will also provide advice and input to country programming in the MENA region, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. The applicant must have at least 15 years of research experience in early year learning, knowledge of psychometrics, design and implementation of assessments, and preferably have a Ph.D. The applicant must have good research writing skills, presentation skills, and be able to communicate complex ideas to staff not working in early grade learning. Applicants must have knowledge of USAID programs and experience working in at least one low- and middle-income country.
Applicant must have knowledge of EGRA and EGMA assessments. Applicant must have strong quantitative and qualitative research skills, and knowledge of research software STATA and NVivo.

Technical Work:

• Applicant will advise World Learning on early year learning assessments, specifically in reading and mathematics and their use in low and middle income countries;

• Applicant will design research and monitoring frameworks for use in early year reading and mathematics programs;

• Applicant will design formative assessments for early year reading and mathematics programs;

• Applicant will contribute to World Learning working, research papers, and internal presentations;

• Applicant will advise on country programming on early grade reading.


• Ph.D. in education research or measurement- psychometrics;

• Over 15 years of experience in education research;

• Knowledge of USAID programs in early grade reading and mathematics;

• Contributed to USAID publications on early grade reading and mathematics.

World Learning is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, committed to increasing the diversity of its workforce.

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