Early Recovery and Empowerment Program Coordinator ( only Syrian or Turkish nationality)

Takaful , Grand Turk, Turks And Caicos Islands
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Job Summary

Job Description

General Description of the Organization:
Takaful Al Sham Charity is a non-governmental civil society organization devoted to alleviating the suffering and improving the sustainability mechanisms of conflict affected population.
Takaful Al Sham Charity partners directly with affected Syrian populations delivering humanitarian and development programs, Livelihood, Education, and Protection, to enable them to improve their living practices and their sustainability mechanisms.
Job Title:
Finance Officer

Reporting To:

Programs Coordinator

Gaziantep, Turkey

Role Purpose:
Planning and supervision / implementation of early recovery and economic empowerment projects that are implemented in Syria, ensuring the achievement of the sector's objectives within the vision and mission of the organization, running projects in the correct form, following up the budget disbursement as planned, ensuring documentation and implementation in accordance with the requirements of the administration and donors and submitting periodic reports to them in a transparent manner, in writing Project proposals for the development of the early recovery program and the ability to lead the team and manage remotely. He will also be responsible for providing the technical support required for the project and conducting an assessment of the needs of local communities in addition to the technical design of project proposals for the early recovery program and providing technical guidance to field teams and coordination of all small project activities And development projects and infrastructure.

Job Responsibilities:
Contribute to building and developing the organization’s strategic plan for the early recovery sector, economic empowerment and infrastructure.
• Work to develop the program and prepare interim and annual plans for activities, projects, development programs and infrastructure projects.
• Contribute to building partnerships with potential donors to serve the program's plan
• Follow up and monitor the progress of project implementation, ensure the quality of the completed work, and create work plans in accordance with the objectives of each project and the schedule set for them.
• Ensure documentation files (personnel - project activities) are appropriately preserved in all project phases and forms used in accordance with the requirements of the organization / donors / partners.
• Preparing all required reports related to the project / program manager / donors / partners.
• Follow up and exchange information on a regular basis in everything related to the implementation of the project with the program director and field teams and cooperate with the relevant stakeholders in the institution (programs - logistical - monitoring and evaluation) to implement the project activities.
• Assist in writing project proposals related to the early recovery program.
• Appointing and interviewing the selection of project personnel and directing appropriate support after appointment.
• Representing the institution in relevant work groups, stakeholders, and coordination meetings as needed, maintaining a positive, continuous and clear presence of the institution and maintaining building and developing good relationships with partners, local authorities and stakeholders.
• Work closely and build partnerships with agencies and organizations in relevant areas of cooperation.
• The ability to assess the community’s needs and requirements with regard to infrastructure and economic empowerment
• Conducting integrated needs assessments with other sectors
• Design vulnerability criteria appropriate to select beneficiaries in the area and ensure community participation and transparency.
• Contribute to setting plans and studies for development projects that achieve integration between the early recovery sector and the rest of the institution’s sectors.
Performing any other tasks assigned to him by the direct supervisor.
• Bachelor's degree in Engineering (preferably in Civil / Architectural Engineering).
• Experience for at least five years in project management in non-profit organizations.
• At least two years' experience in restoration, rehabilitation and infrastructure projects.
• Adequate knowledge in the context of economic empowerment projects, development projects, and small enterprises.
• Proficiency in writing funding proposals and preparing budgets and operational plans for projects
• Very good knowledge of international donors' terms and requirements to comply with them
• Adequate experience in writing funding proposals, project life cycle and preparing periodic and progress reports.
• Proficiency in working on MS Office software package, especially Word text editor and PowerPoint presentations program.
• The ability to lead teams, direct and coordinate, follow-up, initiate and develop
• A very good level of effective presentation, presentation and communication skills (orally and in writing).
• Very good level of reading, writing and speaking English.
• The ability to lead, direct, coordinate, follow-up, initiate and develop.
• The ability to analyze and create solutions to problems
• Ability to communicate, negotiate, plan and organize.
• The ability to work under pressure.
•Adequate knowledge and experience of feasibility studies for small and micro enterprises and economic empowerment projects.
• Certificate in Project Management PMP or PMD Pro1.


Source: https://forms.gle/7aiha1tK68THFADn7