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Job Summary

Job Description

The Field Coordinator will work closely with the Project Coordinator and Project Manager for the designated field area, and will act as the primary coordinator in the location of interest within the Lesvos region under their responsibility, representing ELIX and its different program activities. He/she will liaise and coordinate with local authorities, camp managers and other humanitarian actors. He/she will also have oversight of Safety and Security, work with line managers in other ELIX project locations and facilitate and provide day to day support to the program teams working in the concerned location. The Field Coordinator will also act as a focal point in the concerned location for beneficiary accountability.

Reports to: Project Coordinator. Liaises with all staff, partners and stakeholders.

Staff reporting to this post: Field Education Officer, ECD Teachers, Greek Language Teachers, Mother Tongue Teachers, any administration personnel on location.

Duration: Contract duration will be three months, depending on the funding and ELIX organizational needs. The working schedule is on a five day basis, Monday to Friday, full time.

Key role and responsibilities:

  • Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, oversee overall program implementation in Lesvos.
  • Ensure that ELIX work is coordinated with the efforts of other agencies and Government bodies working in designated locations. Take a supporting role within location level Interagency Coordination forums, ensuring the specific needs of beneficiaries are being addressed.
  • Undertake regular consultation and coordination with NGOs and local actors operational in the area of responsibility to ensure an effective, joint and coordinated response and a common understanding of all program interventions.
  • Build strong links with relief committees, community leaders within the designated locations and with host communities - seek opportunities for program integration with host or nearby communities.
  • Facilitate donor and internal visits whenever requested.
  • Coordinate with local authorities and location management to ensure required access to areas of implementation.

Safety and Security

  • Maintain an overview of the safety and security context in the designated location and surrounding area, and how changes and developments may affect the program’s work and ensure that this is communicated regularly to the Project Coordinator.
  • Prepare and update site-level safety and security management plans.
  • Security focal point for designated locations, assisting in the development of security procedures and protocols, providing security induction for visitors and new starters and ensuring the understanding and strict compliance of staff and visitors at all times.
  • Responsible for immediate reporting of safety and security incidents to the Project Coordinator or Project Manager and support with the incidents documentation.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Reporting

  • Weekly reporting on designated location activities, needs and location contextual changes.
  • Monitor that the standards of humanitarian relief are maintained in accordance with the code of conduct.
  • Support in the set-up and operation of beneficiary accountability mechanisms at designated location level.
  • Support program and Data Management teams in ensuring that measurable data on program output is collected, reported and recorded in an appropriate manner and in line with ELIX internal and donor requirements.
  • Provide a weekly report to the Project Coordinator on the activities undertaken in the designated location.

Warehousing, Asset Management and Distribution:

  • Institute effective stock control and reporting mechanisms as per standard ELIX warehousing best practice, policies and procedures
  • Responsible for receiving, storing and issuing stock to or from warehouse and checking items received against a waybill and/or against ELIX purchase order to the supplier
  • Ensure that all stock is released with a Stock Release Form which is approved in accordance with Stock Release Approval List
  • Ensure that all goods are moved and tracked with physical, auditable paper trails and in the standard warehouse database
  • Maintain accurate stock cards at all times and submit weekly stock reports. Carry out monthly physical stock checks and reports
  • Cross-check Purchase Orders/Requests and Way Bills/Delivery Notes for any discrepancies.
  • Supervise loading and unloading,
  • Maintain a clean warehouse area and ensure that the security at the warehouse is in place. Ensure that unauthorized staff are not allowed to enter the warehouse
  • Plan the repacking preparation and activities of relief items ensuring highest standards.
  • Ensures filing of updated information and carry out sporadic spot checks
  • Maintain an accurate asset and inventory register. Ensuring appropriate and timely maintenance and repairs are conducted and that all assets and inventory are accurately tracked

Program Implementation Support

  • Support designated locations or learning center teams to implement their day to day action plans, in collaboration with Project Coordinator and Education Coordinator.
  • Organize procurement to support technical program teams with set-up and implementation of activities.
  • Help build synergies and links between the varying parts of ELIX program implementation.
  • Identify changing needs within the designated locations, and work with the Project Coordinator, Project Manager and Data Management team to carry out assessments as needed.


  • Comply with ELIX policies and practice with respect the code of conduct, health and safety, equal opportunities and other relevant policies and procedures.

About ELIX
ELIX is a Greek Non-Governmental Organization committed to promote personal development and everyone's evolution as citizens of the world through active participation in public life. Founded in 1987, ELIX has supported and educated more than 10,000 people to participate in innovative actions in Greece and more than 40 countries around the world.

Since November 2016, ELIX has been implementing an educational programme for refugee and immigrant children, aged 3-17, and their parents in Greece.

Through this project, more than 4.000 refugee children, and their parents, have gained access to a flexible and reliable framework offering non-formal educational activities, such as courses of Greek, English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Civic Education and Life Skills, in order to enhance their potential and learning pathway.

Disclaimer Clause: The above job description is not an exhaustive list of the skills, effort, duties and responsibilities associated with the relevant positions.
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