Head of Security & Operations

NP , Erbil, Iraq
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Job Summary

Job Description

Function: Security

Job Group: Operations

Duty Station: Erbil, Iraq with frequent travel to Ninewa and Kirkuk

Administrative Line Manager: Head of Mission

Line Management Responsibility: Security Manager and Operations Manager


The Head of Security and Operations is responsible for overseeing all operational functions, including logistics, procurement, fleet management and IT, as well as security analysis and advice for NP Iraq. This will be achieved through expanding and maintaining the skills and motivation of the team to analyse and manage security and to secure a safe working environment. This position plays a key role in the SMT, particularly as relates to security and risk. S/he will provide the Head of Mission with consistent, in-depth safety and security advice, threat assessment and develop and maintain robust country security policy and procedures, SOPs and Contingency Plans. This position interacts with all other functions as well as the field-based program teams. The position includes on-site security support and capacity building to field staff and ensuring that all staff are aware of and trained in the Standard Operating Procedures and related skills necessary for compliance.



Security Information Collection, Management and Communication

· Lead security information gathering, collation and dissemination from a range of local and international sources and produce formal security updates

· Maintain close contact with all relevant stakeholders to develop a network and build relationships with key actors – NGOs, INGOs, UN and government agencies, security forces and other armed actors

· Monitor and analyse the security situation, ensuring reliable security information as a basis for informed decision-making and maintain a map and log of critical security incidents to support security decision making and ensure staff and management are aware of the issues

· Provide security context analysis and daily security updates and rapidly communicate relevant security information, analysis and recommendations to SMT and staff

· Provide on-the-ground security advice and ensure situational awareness to mitigate risks to programme staff in the field

· Support risk analysis for the country program as a whole, advise the SMT on security-related issues

· Ensure that a centralized filing system of security-related documents is maintained and available to the appropriate staff.

Risk Mitigation and Management

· Facilitate an ongoing culture within the wider team of security awareness and ownership, and commitment to the procedures and to each other and arrange ongoing training as a key strategy for improved security conditions

· Produce and ensure adherence to SOPs, contingency plans and risk assessment documentation, ensuring these are up to date and in line with required standards

· Recommend new protocols, or adjustments to procedures, to improve effective risk mitigation and support drafting of such as necessary

· In coordination with SMT, ensure that all staff are aware of, and trained in, the procedures detailed in NP security documentation and Standard Operating Procedure documents

· Lead security assessments in potentially high-risk new programme locations, or travel routes, to make recommendations regarding movements (Go-No-Go) and required risk mitigation steps required if movements are cleared

· Review standard requests for travel to new locations (regardless of security risk level) or repeat travel to high-risk locations

· Advise on, and develop, contingency plans for critical incidents, including issues like hibernation, medevac, evacuation, vehicle injury accidents, among others and work with staff to prepare for those contingencies.

· Conduct physical security assessments of current and future guesthouse, office locations, and program implementation sites. Provide recommendations for physical security improvements.

Team Training & Development

· Map security training needs, such as personal security, security management, health and safety and trauma care/first aid, in addition to role-specific training for drivers, security guards and other related roles. Coordinate in-field and in-country training, as needed, to meet training needs.

· Plan and lead training for all new staff in the priority subjects and regular refresher training for all staff to ensure continuity in learning and skills capacity

· Provide in-depth security inductions for new staff upon arrival and additional briefings for all staff upon major shifts in the security context.

Operations – Logistics & Procurement:

· Strengthen and oversee compliance quality, timely and accurate processing and documentation of procurement as described in the Field Operations Manual and any other relevant documents Develop and oversee a system for maintaining audit-ready procurement records and ensure that they are consistently stored and available when needed

· Ensure effective fleet management, including that systems are in place to track maintenance schedules, fuel usage and vehicle scheduling as described in the Field Operations Manual

· Ensure assets tracking is implemented with accurate record-keeping of NP and donor assets, including exceptional items that require registration and movement tracking

· Develop a policy for and support the implementation of customs clearing, equipment registration, licensing and insurance

· Manage safe and well-maintained premises for office and guesthouse purposes.

Operations – IT, Administration and Human Resources:

· Support to Finance and Administration Manager and Head of Mission with the implementation of NP administration and HR policies and systems

· Review contracts for office and housing space, leasehold improvements, IT

· Ensure legal compliance for work permits, visas and registration for NP HQ office

· Support to recruiting process including orientation and onboarding

· Assess needs and recommend software and IT solutions, and support the resolution of IT issues that arise.



· Undergraduate Degree or Equivalent Level of Knowledge in Safety & Security, International Armed Conflict, Peace Studies, Intelligence Studies, or International Relations.

· Previous experience working with an INGO in a security management position or field coordination position with management of security. Candidates with significant military and private security management experience will also be considered.

· Previous experience working in a complex and dynamic operational environment. Security Management Course Completed.

· Completed a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course within the past 12 months


· Certified First Aid/Trauma Care Trainer for high threat environment.



· Previous experience in providing security and safety advice for personnel and infrastructure against a spectrum of threats

· Previous work in Iraq and a strong understanding of the Iraq context

· Leadership ability with demonstrated capacities to analyse needs, develop a plan and action the plan to completion

· Comprehensive understanding of strategic, tactical and operational safety and security risk management

· Previous experience working with and negotiating with armed actors.

· Strong analytical skills in security analysis and conflict sensitivity

· Excellent organisation and administrative skills

· Skills in researching, tracking and analysing issues and trends

· Excellent writing abilities – with capacity for drafting quality documents, briefs and reports quickly

· Training skills: Ability to lead staff training (security, operations)

· Problem-solving capabilities

· The ability to remain calm, focused, organised and results-oriented under pressure and with rapidly changing circumstances

· Proven ability to be flexible in an advisory role within a leadership team

· Able to balance and integrate security, well-being and programme needs in analysis and advising

· High-level communication and relationship building skills, able to communicate with discretion and sensitivity.

· Able to build secure networks and represent NP externally

· English writing and speaking fluency


· Knowledge of humanitarian and development issues and concepts

· Ability to speak Arabic and/or Kurdish