Senior Economist, P4, Copenhagen, Denmark

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Denmark
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Job Summary

Job Description

The UNHCR-World Bank Joint Data Centre (JDC) established within the UN City premises in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a component of the overall cooperation between the two organisations. Its purpose are (i) to improve global data and analysis of the socio-economic circumstances of forcibly displaced populations (refugees, IDPs and stateless), and (ii) to influence the internal organisation and delivery of data and analytics on forced displacement within the respective organisations.

The JDC is headed by a Head r (WB) and a Deputy Head (UNHCR), appointed on a rotational basis, by UNHCR and the World Bank (WB). Externally, they report to a Steering Committee that will approve their proposed JDC Work Plan and Budget and oversee its delivery. Internally, they will report to respective line managers within UNHCR HQ, Geneva, and the World Bank, Washington D.C.

The Head and Deputy Head will lead a team of approximately 12 professionals composed of economists, statisticians, data scientists and information technology specialists. The team will be recruited and appointed following the respective administrative procedures of UNHCR and World Bank. The Head and Deputy Head will be responsible for managing the performance of the UNHCR and WB recruited staff under their supervision.

The JDC team will be allocated tasks under the Work Plan and be accountable for their delivery. The individual team members will manage the resources (human, technical and financial) required for the successful completion of their assigned tasks. They will also be responsible for ensuring regular and constructive cooperation with the Practice Groups, Divisions, Services, and Country Offices of UNHCR and the World Bank with which they will have regular contact.

The UNHCR JDC Senior Economist (P4) will report to the UNHCR Deputy Head on the tasks assigned to him/her within the JDC Work Plan. The UNHCR JDC Senior Economist will work in close coordination with the Economists in the Partnership, Analytics, Research and Knowledge Team that fall under the overall responsibility of the Deputy Director, Division of Resilience and Solutions (DRS) in Geneva, and report to the JDC Deputy Head .


  • Ensure the necessary coordination with and support to the UNHCR DRS HQ team implementing JDC related activities and facilitate effective collaboration with the World Bank (WB) relevant departments.
  • Lead on annual global or regional flagship reports for the JDC together with the World Bank as per joint agreement with the JDC Steering Committee and Advisory Council as reflected in the JDC Work Plan.
  • Expand and strengthen strategic partnerships with academia, research institutes, UN agencies, World Bank, government institutions, international and local civil society organizations to improve and strengthen UNHCR solutions and protection mandate in close coordination with DRS UNHCR HQ.
  • Contribute to building effective relationships with relevant WB and UNHCR offices through technical contributions to the JDC work Plan, the Forced Displacement agenda at normative and operational level, and through assigned individual tasks.
  • Assist with advancing analytical products including refugee and IDP poverty measurement work already initiated by UNHCR DRS HQ in cooperation with the World Bank.
  • Manage in cooperation with JDC and UNHCR colleagues the outsourcing of data collection efforts ensuring consistency across products, quality timeliness, and optimal use of financial resources.
  • Contribute to, with a focus on generating joint publications with the World Bank, particularly Flagship Annual Reports on topics to be determined jointly with the JDC steering Committee and on the dissemination of these and similar research and analytical products.
  • Assist with the expansion of networks with international organizations, academic institutions, government officials and professional bodies to exchange information, promote research initiatives and expand UNHCR's influence in the area of data on forced displacement.
  • Provide advice and technical assistance to country operations on economic and other strategic matters both external and internal to UNHCR, as requested.
  • Represent the JDC as requested in technical fora, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Professional Work Experience

Years of Experience / Degree Level
For P4/NOD - 9 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 8 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 7 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree

Field(s) of Education
or other relevant field.
(Field(s) of Education marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Certificates and/or Licenses

Minimum 7 years of relevant professional experience. Econometrics or related multidisciplinary field. Ability to apply advanced statistical methods, and communicate effectively about these methods to non-technical audiences. High proficiency in STATA, and open to learning new statistical tools as required by different projects. Knowledge or experience with the analysis of large-scale data sets, and the design of experiments and quasi-experiments. Prior quantitative research on policy-relevant topics using advanced methods such as fixed effects, regression discontinuity, or instrumental variables. Demonstrated skills and experience with writing analytical flagship reports in economics. Significant experience in large-scale data analysis, data integration, data mining, optimization techniques, algorithm design and development, and data visualization. Familiarity with displacement and development issues. Experience with international development agencies. Strong research and training skills. Excellent drafting skills with an ability to present information in a concise, coherent and useful manner.

Diverse field experience. Knowledge of UNHCR corporate systems such as MSRP, Focus, Microdata library, ProGres.