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Assignment Title: Senior Rule of Law Specialist – Monitoring Support, Mexico

Department/Location: CCG

Technical Point of Contact: Project Director/Chief of Party

Type: Consultant

Classification: Consultancy


The Government of Mexico (GOM) is undertaking a complete overhaul of its criminal justice system, replacing closed-door procedures and written arguments with an adversarial system based on public, oral trials. The criminal justice reform seeks to improve the transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency of the criminal justice process, while protecting due process, promoting assistance to crime victims, and strengthening human rights.

A 2008 Constitutional amendment required all state and federal jurisdictions to make the transition from the inquisitorial system to the accusatorial system by 2016, and USAID/Mexico is committed to supporting Mexico in this monumental endeavor, which continues well beyond this date.

PROJUST, the USAID’s Program to support for criminal justice reform in Mexico, is implemented by Management Systems International in a teaming agreement with TetraTech DPK. The changes in the field, the different pace of implementation of the reform in the states, and the shift in federal counterparts have meant that PROJUST’s results frameworks has had two major revisions since it started, the last one in 2017, one year after the Constitutional deadline of June 2016.

The new PROJUST results framework emphasizes the importance of showing substantial progress on indicators relevant to the reduction of impunity. Some illustrative progress indicators are listed below:

  1. Annual Prosecution Rates.
  2. Compliance with Precautionary Measures from Pretrial Service Units.
  3. Percentage of Plea Agreements.
  4. Percentage of cases resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms with compensation agreement.
  5. Case Disposition Rates
  6. Percentage of cases with sentences greater than 3 years.
  7. Change in trained journalist perception and accuracy on criminal justice system reporting.
  8. GNDR-6 Number of women that received assistance from a target Women’s Justice Center (WJC).


IBTCI is seeking a Senior Rule of Law Specialist to: 1) carry out a monitoring data process on progress indicators with the appropriate disaggregation by gender, state, and other applicable criteria, and 2) Support USAID Rule of Law (ROL) team on their efforts to review monitoring data received from MSI and DPK. Using your monitoring and evaluation and subject matter skills, evaluate and provide substantive, strategic input to programs to enhance the gender-based strategies. Tasks could include, but not be limited to:

A. Lead and participate in the development of:

  1. Data collection and monitoring processes: collect and analyze precise data of progress indicators needed with the appropriate disaggregation by gender, state, institution, periodicity and other applicable criteria.

  2. Monitoring reports: Gather and present outcome indicators progress information to USAID Mexico on periodic reports.

  3. Monitoring sessions: provide feedback and advisory support to the ROL team including review monitoring data received from PROJUST implementors (DPK and MSI).

  4. A comprehensive desk review on the status of implementation activities. Reports and other documentation to be reviewed include: Annual and quarterly reports, work plans, and management reviews; previous Technical reports and analyses, training materials, and related content; Relevant project data developed as part of routine monitoring including indicator information and supporting documentation; The original contract and/or agreement and subsequent modifications; Analyses or evaluations, the current USAID/Mexico CDCS, recently closed and ongoing USAID project documents, evaluations and relevant documents and online information from the Government of Mexico, NGOs, and other donor websites.

B. Participate as main liaison of the Monitoring Team in discussions and interviews with GOM and stakeholders;

C. Coordinate and participate the site visits to project activities;

Serve in the above consultant capacity to support the IBTCI technical practices of Crisis, Conflict & Governance, Agriculture & Food Security & Economic, Education & Growth and Global Health and/or Business Development divisions.

This position does not authorize/require the consultant to directly communicate with IBTCI clients.

This position does not authorize/require the consultant to have decision making authority on final work product.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to smoothly integrate into a USAID project that has been ongoing for some time.
  • Expertise in Mexico’s Rule of Law policy and institutional framework.
  • Knowledge of the Mexican context and experience working in Mexico with USAID.
  • Experience leading teams.
  • Exceptional organizational, analytical, writing and presentation skills.
  • Complementary expertise on different geographical areas of Mexico is required.

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of experience participating in rule of law programs;
  • At least 3 years of experience in carrying out monitoring efforts of rule of law programs;
  • Fluent oral and written English and Spanish communication skills (level 3/3 Spanish required)


Master’s Degree in law, political science, international relations, development, or related fields with a specialization in Rule of Law

Supervisory Responsibilities: This position does not have supervisory responsibilities.

Travel: Availability to travel to different locations inside Mexico is required

No phone calls please. All candidates will be acknowledged, but only final candidates for particular activities will be contacted.

IBTCI is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran, or any other classification protected by applicable anti-discrimination laws. We prohibit and do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.