Social Science Teacher

Vidya & Child, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Job Summary

Job Description

Key responsibilities –

Vidya & Child believes in ensuring that the maximum time that a teacher has is spent with the child. In listening to them, knowing and understanding them and involving and engaging them as much as possible. 

Vidya & Child is a process driven organization which focuses on ‘How’ any work is done and not ‘What’ is achieved.

Direct Work with Children & Parents through –

·         Class room Interaction through Teaching Academics, Teaching Life Skills, Class Activity Period, Mentoring Period, Games and Library Period, Special Assemblies and more

(Role as a Teacher)

·         Parent Interaction – Home Visits, PTM’s – Individual, Small group and Large Group, Parent Events, Community Interactions.

(Role as a Community Outreach Member)

Documentation through –

·         Child profiling records

·         Child-wise Inputs for tracking,

·         Copy Correction,

·         Assessments

·         Attendance Taking


Role as a Teacher  

·         Teaching subjects as required as per the class allotted and constantly being aware of the different learning levels of the child. (may or may not be identified)

·         Focus on activity based learning, conceptual learning, strengthening of basic concepts.

·         Tracking of progress of the child on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis

·         Focus on basic skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in that order through reading and library activities for language development.

·         Conducting academic workshops for the allotted subjects.

·         Conducting intermittent assessments through worksheet based assessments, orals and written assessments for understanding what our teaching has been able to achieve and what further needs to be done.

·         Managing the stock of academic material (including digital content as and when required)

Attending trainings and conducting trainings