Staff Counsellor SC 10/KINSHASA

WFP , Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of The Congo
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Job Summary

Job Description

  1. Provide culturally sensitive psychosocial support to individuals, groups of staff and/or their immediate family members, to ensure staff are assisted in difficult situations and that comprehensive assessments and treatment plans are prepared.
  2. Provide active psychosocial support during emergencies and/or after critical incidents to ensure continued staff well-being.
  3. Actively engage with management and staff to establish relationships based on trust and respect.
  4. Contribute to the staff readiness for deployment in difficult duty stations through briefings, counselling sessions and other activities to ensure proactive support is extended to staff.
  5. Deliver workshops, trainings, and information sessions on a wide range of topics (e.g. stress management, team-building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc) to ensure that staff regularly receive relevant information, and are aware of sources where to find information or assistance.
  6. Contribute to the design of corporate policies and guidelines, design information booklets/materials to increase awareness of important themes and promote staff welfare.
  7. Lead the establishment of Peer Support Volunteers (PSV) network and manage capacity building of this group.
  8. Prepare comprehensive reports, plan budget for missions, trainings and plan and implement other staff counselling activities to ensure the provision of cohesive counselling services.
  9. Hold accountability for maintenance of professional confidentiality at all times, practice ethics, actively engage with staff, listen to their concerns, and stay approachable.
  10. Other as required.