Teachers (Arabic, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Geography)

UNRWA , Lebanon
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Job Summary

Job Description

  •  Ensures the delivery of quality inclusive education to all students through:
  •  Identifying the key concepts, content, skills and pedagogy appropriate to the delivery of curriculum subject areas taking into account needs of individual students;
  •  Using a range of appropriate learner centered instructional strategies and techniques;
  •  Enriching the host country’s curriculum where appropriate to develop the competencies of students and achieve UNRWA learning goals and values in line with UNRWA Curriculum Framework;
  •  Assessing students’ learning through the use of formative, summative and diagnostic assessment;
  •  Maintaining a safe and effective learning environment in the classroom and school compound in accordance with the UNRWA school code of conduct;
  •  Participate in the school co-curricular activities/committees and maintains links with the wider education community to improve the performance and wellbeing of students including activities on key social, environmental, health issues, child rights and protection;
  •  Actively engages in school-based and other professional development including peer support, discussions and training in line with UNRWA approved policies, processes, and procedures;
  •  Contributes to the systematic collection, recording and analysis of data in line with the school and UNRWA EMIS system;
  •  Effectively communicates with parents and the school community regarding learner progress and needs;
  •  Contributes to the school policy level development, planning and evaluation working as a team member;
  •  Performs such other duties as may be assigned.


Source: http://jobs.unrwa.org