Area Registration Officer

UNRWA , Lebanon
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Job Summary

Job Description

  • In coordination with the FERO or/and Assistant/FERO, supervises, guides and advises Registration Assistants at Area level on day-to-day activities and ensures compliance with the Consolidated Eligibility and Registration Instructions (CERI);

  • Ensures the safety and security of the on-line registration system and other confidential and/or sensitive information at Area level; maintains all registration records in safe custody;

  • Reviews and approves registration applications concerning registered persons such as transfers, splitting, etc. and recommends other applications that require higher approval authority;

  • Checks and compares electronic/computerized forms with relevant documents for registration functions carried out by Registration Assistants at Area level before sending to Field Office; ensures complete documentation sets are submitted;

  • Arranges for printing and distribution of new registration cards and replacement of lost or damaged ones; ensures safe disposal of old cards when received;

  • Receives queries and complaints from refugees concerning eligibility and registration matters; settles some at Area level and forwards the more complex cases to the Field Eligibility and Registration Officer for further review;

  • Prepares a monthly statistics report regarding his/her Area for use in planning and forecasting by management;

  • Conducts quality control over registration transactions and issuance of registration cards and scanned documents performed by Registration Assistants;

  • Verifies refugee status for requests received from other departments to identify eligibility for UNRWA services;

  • Ensures that the Registration Assistants within his/her respective Area are adequately and sufficiently trained to carry out their work in an efficient manner and in compliance with the set policies, processes and procedures;

  • Checks for and alerts his/her supervisor on any errors/negative trends, whether data or system related, in order to initiate corrective action;

  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned.