Digital Assistance and BusinessTransformation Officer STP-P3 Damascus

WFP, Dimashq, Syria
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Job Summary

Job Description


As the Country Office moves towards using SCOPE- a Beneficiary Identity & Transfer Management (BITM) system that provides end-to-end support for all transfer modalities- there is need for streamlining as well as decentralized and increased capacity for business and implementation support at Sub-Office level. Syria Country Office is embarking on the development of local ICT solutions to automate internal processes and use data analysis to support decision making. The key performance indicators for the Digital Assistance and Business Transformation Officer will include:

  • Beneficiary Identity & Transfer Management (BITM) services tailored to meet country office (CO) WFP assistance operational needs
  • SCOPE or a Beneficiary Information Management System (BIMS) implemented in the country office and fully leveraged to enable delivery of WFP assistance across all modalities in a cost-efficient manner
  • BITM services defined so that they are provisioned by internal staff and resources or via external vendors and/or partners with equal ease and results
  • BITM service results measured with meaningful metrics and the metrics used to drive continuous service improvement and in particular enhancements of SCOPE capabilities
  • Strengthened partnership between Beneficiary Services Team and business units at country office and sub-offices (SOs) and further enhanced role of the Technology Unit in WFP assistance activities
  • The Beneficiaries information management and Business transformation section is well supervised and all related projects under the section are implemented in close collaboration with client business units
  • Data and Solutions development team is effectively managed and local developed solutions are tailored to automate business processes and address nosiness units needs


The candidate will apply their knowledge, skills, business analysis tools and techniques to ensure that country office BITM processes/Solution development and technical implementation needs and expectations are met; Ensure that necessary planning and design activities for deployment of SCOPE or BIMS are carried out; and that relevant business inputs are provided to the continued development of SCOPE or BIMS functionality or capabilities in particular and BITM services in general. The Staff member will be responsible for the following:

  • Direct supervision of the beneficiaries’ information management and digital transformation sections and management of all projects’ implementation
  • Management and supervision of all ICT activities related to the scale up of SCOPE/BIMs/CBT operations and to the development of local ICT solutions following WFP standards
  • Ensure that guidance is provided to country office business units for both organizational and capacity changes that are needed for effective SCOPE or BIMS operations and mainstreaming of BITM process and activities
  • Ensure that BITM BPM standards are implemented and maintained in collaboration with the Regional Bureau and country offices’ compliance function
  • Ensure constructive partnership between Beneficiary Services Team and the business including other stakeholders and effectively manage change brought about by use of SCOPE / BIMS processes
  • Provide technical expertise in IT solution development, functionality, performance, aesthetics, resilience and re-use to strengthen the capacity of the IT solutions development team
  • Produce detailed functional specifications for solution development and write and review documentation appropriate to the System Development Life Cycle for quality, accuracy and comprehensive coverage of functionality
  • Manage test scenarios and test cases, review unit testing for quality, accuracy and comprehensive coverage of both functionality and requirements
  • Manage incoming change, maintenance and support activities to maximize the business value of developed IT solutions
  • Contribute to the development of IT solutions project plans and budgets to ensure an effective and efficient project outcome
  • Conduct IT Assessment in support of CBT requirements