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Project Objective

SI is implementing the new USAID/Vietnam Learns Contract. The scope of the five-year project is to support USAID/Vietnam staff and its implementing partners to implement more efficient, effective, and sustainable programs by (1) improving staff knowledge and skills in Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) and Collaborating, Learning & Adapting (CLA); (2) advancing evidence-informed decision-making; (3) strengthening strategic collaboration between staff and local stakeholders.


In Vietnam, US assistance has helped to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities (PWDs) since 1989 by addressing medical and social needs, supporting improved disability policies, and reducing physical and social barriers. USAID/Vietnam’s PWD work aligns with WHO’s building blocks of effective health systems. Beginning in 2015, USAID started a new Disabilities Project focusing on improving service provision, rehabilitation systems, and policy support to expand opportunities for PWD. This project, originally intended to expire in 2019, has since been modified and extended through 2024. USAID/Vietnam has asked Learns to complete an evaluation to address the following Evaluation Questions (EQ):

  1. In what ways has the quality of life for PWDs receiving USAID’s assistance changed over time?
  2. What are the factors affecting success of specific interventions for persons with disabilities receiving USAID assistance?
  3. Have the availability, affordability, and acceptability of rehabilitation and social services for PWDs receiving USAID assistance changed over time?

These questions are designed to measure each step along with the project’s theory of change: “If persons with (severe) disabilities receive rehabilitation and social services within an improved disability context, then their quality of life will be improved.”

**Please Note: Candidates are required to be Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Disability Evaluation Specialist will be expected to provide critical in-country support for the evaluation baseline, including advising on the sector and locally appropriate methodology, facilitating team access to local stakeholders and sampling data, participating in in-country presentations, providing support for qualitative interviews with key stakeholders in the Vietnamese language, and supporting training of data collection firm enumerators and tool piloting. The Specialist will also provide quality assurance during the data collection process. The Specialist will review and contribute to writing content of the Inception Report, data collection tools, and Baseline Report as requested by the Team Leader.

The Specialist will undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Contribute to discussions of evaluation design and methodological approaches in the disability sector
  • Support team members in developing data collection tools.
  • Support team members in conducting qualitative interviews with high-level stakeholders in Vietnamese language (e.g. national- or provincial-level ministry stakeholders, USAID).
  • Support identification of provincial, district, or commune-level sampling frame data in collaboration with implementers and government partners
  • Oversee and support data collection firm including: enumerator training, tool piloting, data cleaning and analysis.
  • Periodically review data collection firm’s rehabilitation and health system-related data summaries to provide quality assurance and guidance on course corrections
  • Contribute to data analysis, interpretation, and report writing as requested by Team Leader and as qualification permits.
  • This role will likely require travel to selected provinces where USAID/Vietnam is working to conduct qualitative interviews and support quantitative data collection oversight.

Level of Effort (LOE ) : Up to 40 days.

Desired start date : As soon as possible

Timeframe: From start date until September 30, 2021 (most work will be concentrated in the first month and in March/April 2021)



  • Have an advanced degree from an accredited university and at least 7 years of technical evaluation experience in the disability sector in Vietnam.
  • Have a strong understanding of disability issues, rehabilitation, and health system strengthening in Vietnam
  • Have strong experience conducting qualitative interviews and conducting or managing quantitative data collection, applying strong quality assurance procedures.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to collect data in a culturally sensitive manner from PWDs as well as from health care and social service providers.
  • Fluency in Vietnamese language and professional proficiency (writing, speaking, and reading) in English.

An ideal candidate will also:

  • Have strong familiarity with the WHO health system strengthening model, quality of life measurement methods such as WHOQOL, and interventions for PWDs that focus on rehabilitation and health systems strengthening in Vietnam.
  • Have a demonstrated understanding of USAID’s work in the disability sector as well as USAID evaluation policy.
  • Strong leadership skills


Source:  http://www.socialimpact.com.