Facilitator for Gender Mainstreaming in Environmental Conservation Workshop

WWF , Myanmar
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Job Summary

Job Description

Background of project

Local CSOs, CBOs and Indigenous communities limited knowledge on gender mainstreaming in the environmental conservation works and project cycle management over the longer term. In the absence of gender mainstreaming mechanisms for participation of women in environmental conservation works and decision-making processes and management regimes for environmental conservation, the government, communities, and local CSOs, CBOs have limited knowledge gender perspective and appropriate gender mainstreaming mechanism to ensure that equal distribution of sharing natural resources benefits to men and women sustainably. In this regard, WWF will organize a gender mainstreaming workshop to increase knowledge and awareness on how gender can be integrated in project planning and implementation especially related to natural resource management. WWF will need to contract out a facilitator who is knowledgeable on gender mainstreaming especially in natural resources management.

Objective of the key facilitator

The facilitation aims to give basic orientation on gender mainstreaming, guide the discussion and facilitate the process of identifying action points to improve or strengthen the gender lens in project planning and implementation. The workshop aims to improve knowledge about gender of WWF staffs, local CSOs, CBOs and Communities and how to consider with gender lens in environmental conservation works in Dawna Tennasarim Landscape (DTL) area beside to mainstream gender in the project cycle management of local CSOs, and CBOs.

Scope of work/ Major responsibility

• Conduct coordination meetings with DTL team members to gather relevant information about the workshop

• Develop workshop agenda/curriculum with a participatory approach

• Preparation meetings and pre-test and post-test for the workshop

• Conduct workshop for four days with local CSOs, CBOs, communities and WWF staffs

• Prepare Gender mainstreaming in environmental conservation workshop report.

The outputs and time schedule are at


· Experience on gender issues in Myanmar

· Experience on gender mainstreaming in project cycle management **

· At least 5 years of relevant experience in gender-related initiatives

· At least 5years of relevant experience in conducting gender workshop

· Relevant experience working with non-state actors or civil society organizations


Source:  http://www.wwf.org.mm/en/myanmar_Career_page