Finance Officer - Turkish nationality

HALO , Gaziantep, Turkey
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Job Summary

Job Description



Application requirement: covering letter (maximum 2 pages) and CV (maximum 2 pages)

Programme: HALO Syria

Work location: Gaziantep, Turkey

Net Salary: up to 1700$ per month. All taxes are covered by The HALO Trust

Employment duration: 5-month initial contract (no later than 05 Oct 2020 - 28 Feb 2021), renewable.

Benefits: 14 days annual leave, pro rata per month (plus public holidays) **


  • The HALO Trust is one of the world’s largest international humanitarian Mine Action non-government organisations (NGO). HALO’s international HQ is in the UK. HALO’s focus is to save lives and restore communities threatened by Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), such as landmines, aircraft and cluster bombs, artillery projectiles, rockets and missiles, and improvised explosive devices. HALO was established in Afghanistan in 1988 and now employs over 8,000 staff in 25 countries and territories.

  • HALO’s programme in Syria was established in 2016. It is coordinated from a programme office in Amman, Jordan and a sub-office in Gaziantep, Turkey. HALO conducts its project work in Syria through national NGO partners based in Gaziantep. The scope of HALO’s current projects in Syria covers ERW Risk Education, Contamination Impact Survey and Victim Assistance. The size of the Syria programme is currently $3m - $4m per year.

  • English is the official language of the programme office, but Arabic and Turkish are also spoken internally and with our NGO partners.

Position and responsibilities

  • The Finance Section includes 5 staff – Finance Manager, Senior Finance Officer and Finance Intern based in Amman, a Finance Officer based in Gaziantep, and Finance/HR Field officer based in NW Syria.

  • Supervisor: Senior Finance Officer (reporting to the Finance Manager).

  • Subordinates: Finance and HR field officer.

  • The Finance Officer assists the management of programme finances and administration. Main responsibilities include accounting; cash, payments and banking; payroll; and general administration duties. Other responsibilities include supporting the preparation of project budgets, managing project budget performance and compliance, and the allocation of expenses across project budgets.

a. Compliance:


  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, ensure programme financial policies and procedures are followed strictly and are in compliance with HALO’s Global Finance and Accounting Manual.
  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, ensure programme procurement procedures are followed, relevant to compliance and value for money requirements.

b. Accounting:

  •  Check purchase vouchers (PVs) before submitting to senior finance staff.
  •  Ensure all expenditure transactions are recorded properly and bookkeeping is up-to-date.

c. Cash, payments and banking:

  •  Prepare the monthly cash request for checking by senior finance staff before signature by the programme manager and submission to HALO HQ.
  •  Receive invoices and arrange the payment of invoices, based on confirmation that the correct procurement process has been applied.
  •  Receive, review and process staff travel reimbursement requirements, ensuring correct procedures have been applied.
  •  Maintain petty cash and associated records.
  •  Manage the programme office’s bank accounts in Turkey.

d. Payroll:

  •  Undertake staff payroll preparation work for checking by senior finance staff, including calculations for salary, income tax, social security and other government charges.
  •  Prepare and issue staff payslips.
  •  Ensure the timely submission of monthly payroll information to the bank.
  •  Prepare the annual income tax declaration and balance sheet for checking by senior finance staff.

e. Programme/project budget management:

  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, contribute to the preparation of programme and project budgeting.
  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, contribute to the management of project budget performance and compliance, and the allocation of expenses across project budgets.

f. Financial reporting and auditing:

  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, assist with the preparation of financial statements, project donor financial reports, and payment requests submitted to donors and/or HALO HQ.
  •  Under guidance from senior finance staff, support internal and external audits, and assist HALO HQ Finance with required documentations for audits conducted at HALO HQ.
  •  Translate financial papers from Turkish to English, as required.
  • All HALO staff are expected to undertake the following general duties:
  •  Work within the framework of HALO’s core values, promoting its ethos and mission statement.
  • Work towards achieving programme and/or group business plan objectives.
  •  Ensure familiarity with and adhere to all HALO policies and procedures and keep informed of HALO activities.
  •  Travel to other countries (e.g. to other HALO programmes), as and when required.
  •  Discharge duties and responsibilities under HALO’s Health and Safety procedures.
  • This job description is intended to summarise the main duties and responsibilities of the appointment; this is not intended to be a full and exhaustive list of tasks. All HALO staff are expected to demonstrate flexibility and willingness to perform appropriate tasks when the need arises.

Selection criteria

  • Turkish citizenship.

  • Fluent in English and Turkish (written and spoken). Arabic is beneficial but not essential.

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or business administration.

  • Proven high-level competency in Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications.

  • At least two years of previous work experience in roles relevant to HALO Syria Finance Officer responsibilities.

  • Good foundation skills relevant to:

  • Numeracy, attention to detail and accuracy.
  •  Self-initiative.
  •  Analytical thinking and problem solving.
  •  Ability to independently plan, prioritise, conduct work activities in accordance with imposed time constraints.
  • Communication and teamwork.
  • Should have a passport.