Graphic Designer (Migrant Journey)

IOM , Thailand
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Job Summary

Job Description

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop visuals/infographics based on a series of real-life stories of the choices and challenges faced by migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. The visuals need to recognize the different phases of a migrant’s journey and that throughout these phases there are a range of applicable IOM programming interventions to support migrants including labour migration, protection, IBM, health and emergency and post crisis support.

The Consultant will report to the ROAP Regional Coordinator (COVID-19 Taskforce) to:

  1. Conduct a review of similar products/migrant journeys and other IOM visuals that have been developed:

· This includes examining work produced by ROAP Communications to gain awareness of their multimedia initiatives and the IOM CREST team based in Vietnam who plan to create infographics on the plight of migrant workers during COVID-19.

· Review the COVID Core group’s 5 initial infographic designs.

  1. Review approximately 8-10 migrant stories submitted through the ROAP COVID TF and select 2-3 stories as pilots for development into infographics;

  2. Work through the COVID-19 Taskforce core team to ensure IOM programming inputs, risks and opportunities are adequately captured along the multiple phases of the migrant’s journey;

  3. Conceptualize, create and deliver innovative ideas for print, video and online communication materials;

  4. Synthesize complex information into well laid out infographics which are both engaging and are telling a story;

  5. Provide layout and design communication materials (including reports, toolkits, factsheets, brochures, handouts);

  6. Develop templates to ensure campaign communications and materials are consistent with branding guidelines;

  7. Create illustrations to be used in print and online materials;

  8. Design graphic solutions using new media; and,

  9. Perform other duties as may be required.