Head of Multi-Sector Services Department

EMS , South Africa
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Job Summary

Job Description

Reports to: Global Executive Director
Duty Station: Global Office in Johannesburg, South Africa
Duration of Contract: 3 years renewable according performance (3-month probationary period)
Annual Salary: Base Salary plus Total Rewards Package

Our client is a global public benefit organization and universal platform that works to bring the Kingdom of God on earth by focusing on alleviation of global and social justice issues through resource mobilization and program implementation networks, partnerships and strategic alliances that uplift the disadvantaged through education, health, infrastructure
development, poverty alleviation, food security and employment creation strategies and projects.

Develops, plans, directs, implements, monitors, evaluates and fast-tracks a groundbreaking, multibillion-dollar global strategy to build a better future for children, families and communities, enhance their health status and wellbeing and meet the needs of disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable populations around the world.

• Proven track record and work experience in millionaire international technical, cooperation and development assistance, preferably in international population, health, development, relief, advocacy and investment fields.
• Ability to develop strategic alliances and partnerships with a variety of public, private and non-profit stakeholders, particularly efficient and effective population, health and development implementation programs with key public, private and non-profits partners and faith-based and community development organizations.
• Strong knowledge in program and project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting including grant writing, donor reporting and technical reports.
• Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, networking, presentation and communication skills including proven ability to conceptualize, innovate, plan and execute ideas and deliver results along with bilingual/multilingual and bicultural/multicultural skills.

• Advanced university degree with postgraduate training in business, finance, economics, international or public relationships or development, social sciences, law and/or specific sector (health, education, food security, job creation, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship).
• Over 15 years of combined national and international experience with multilateral and bilateral agencies and donors; global population, health, and development organizations; relief, emergency, and humanitarian institutions; corporate social responsibility programs; public/private partnerships, and faith-based and community development organizations.
• Demonstrable experience and results in multisector and/or sector specific organization,
networking, leadership, stakeholders’ engagement, strategy and business plan development, and mobilization of resources.
• 100% Christian background and commitment to do what Jesus would do if He were physically present on earth.