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Job Summary

Job Description

Place: LEBANON (Beirut)

Length: 24 Months

Starting date: 10.01.2021

Closing date for applications: 13.12.2020

“Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations,
we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences,
where everyone can live in dignity”

Handicap International is changing his name and becomes « Humanity & Inclusion ». HI, Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in 62 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.

HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.

For further information about the association:


The Syrian crisis is the greatest humanitarian crisis of the last 20 years. According to the latest UN figures, about 13.5 million people are currently affected by the crisis in Syria, including about 6.5 million IDPs, while over 4 million Syrians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries or in Europe. The current humanitarian response only provides a patchy and partial coverage of the growing humanitarian needs. Seven years after the beginning of the crisis, the number of injured persons in Syria keeps rising, with a severe lack of health and psychosocial support care and psychosocial support. In hard-to-reach areas and/or areas of new displacement, local populations and IDPs are in need of emergency assistance in terms of food, household essential items, and other basic needs. The inclusion of the most vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, in the humanitarian response remains a major concern.

HI is managing a large humanitarian program from challenging area in Middle East along four main pillars:

  1. Support to health partners (hospitals, care houses, psychosocial support centers, local NGOs) for the provision of comprehensive psychosocial support services (psychosocial support, psychosocial support and/or prosthetics and orthotics) through training, technical supervisions and donations of assistive devices and/or equipment;

  2. Education to the risks and effects caused by conventional weapons and urgent marking of hazardous areas;

  3. Training and technical support to other humanitarian actors on the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable persons in the humanitarian response (with a special focus on inclusive health and inclusive livelihoods).

The actual intervention is based on a mix of remote management of national teams, remote partnerships with local structures and organizations, and direct implementation programs. The proposed position, based in Beirut, will manage the remote partnership side of the program.


Reporting to the country director, the Hub Manager contributes to the implementation of Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and 10-year strategy within his/her geographical scope. He/she ensures the optimal quality and impact of the projects implemented in his/her country by means of a delegation system with appropriate control mechanisms. With all HI Directors and through paradigm changes, he/she shares responsibility for the sound management and effective functioning of the global organisation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Due to the particular situation, the hub manager position, based in Beirut, remains for security and legal purpose, under the HI Lebanon country manager responsibilities.
  • The hub Manager is the official representative for the whole of HI, both internally and externally, and promotes the excellent reputation and positive image of HI.
  • He/she is responsible for developing and implementing the project part of the Programme operational strategy for the country in which he/she is based
  • He/she contributes to organisational transformation in line with the Simplification, Shared Services and projects. In the event of an emergency, he/she takes responsibility in accordance with the response framework defined.
  • Under the guidance of the Technical Unit, regional MEAL and Support Service managers, and deploying all appropriate tools, he/she ensures the monitoring of operations in the country, as well as financial control, compliance with HI policies and frameworks (in particular HI Project Monitoring & Evaluation policy) and respect of contractual engagements towards donors.
  • He/she actively monitors and analyses developments in the context in his/her geographical area in order to identify risks and opportunities, and proposes actions to the country director.


• You hold a Bachelor’s degree in related field (political sciences, humanitarian work)

• You have More than 7 years working experience as humanitarian worker with progressive increase in responsibilities

• You have at least 4 years working experience managing teams, particularly in generalist positions (Project Manager, Area Manager, Country Manager)

• A previous experience working in humanitarian programs in the Middle East and in remote control programs would be preferable


Lebanon, where the position is based, has been a relatively safe and secure country for several years. Starting from October 2019, regular demonstrations and a political and economic crisis have raised the level of uncertainty on the country’s future. Since the double explosion early August 2020, the country is spilling into an even more serious economic crisis while the COVID-19 crisis worsens the already tense situation. The security situation remains under control at the moment, but might potentially worsen in the coming weeks and months. There have been no incidents targeting humanitarian actors or international citizens. The country remains open for tourism and hosts thousands of international citizens although, the COVID-19 crisis is currently limiting in-country travels.

Jordan, where the coordination office is based, is comparatively to many countries where HI is present, a relatively safe and secure country, with regular presence of international tourists including from Occidental countries, and where the situation/context does not require having heavy security procedures.