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World Vision , Jordan
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Job Summary

Job Description

World Vision is one of the world’s leading humanitarian development and advocacy organization and operates in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

World Vision (WV) is inviting potential consultation firms, which are all strong and highly regarded within the industry to participate in providing the service of consultancy for end of project evaluation.

Interested suppliers are expected to submit full financial proposal (with break down of the cost) based on the TOR in the attachments along with confirmation of the deliverable and clear timeline.

End-line Study of Livelihoods Planning and Guidance for Youth Project in Amman, Mafraq, Irbid and Zarqa Governorates in Jordan

All the needed details, instructions and policies are attached in the link in the (How to apply area).


technical criteria is weighted at 70% and financial criteria at 30% of overall score. The technical evaluation will include the following:

  • Educational and Technical Background as requested: (20%)

  • Experience in conducting similar monitoring and evaluation exercises and proven knowledge and expertise on the Jordanian context, specifically for livelihood programmes for refugees in Jordan: (25%)

  • Overall methodology: (35%)

  • Robust quality assurance mechanisms and proven experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis and producing high quality reports: (15%)

  • Fluency in English: (5%)

The expert will be evaluated against a combination of technical and financial criteria (combined scoring method). The maximum score is100% out of which technical criteria equal 70% and financial criteria equals 30%. The technical evaluation will include the following:

**Pre-qualification requirement in the offer are as below :

Business registration/incorporation, business license
Tax registration, tax clearance certificates
Information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)
Last two years of audited financial statements (Costs in JOD and including tax)
References from previous customers
Self-declaration of no legal disputes that ended in Court in the past three years
Sign Conflict of Interest disclosure
Sign statement that the bidder would be open to back ground checks including watch dog screening
Sign Supplier Code of Conduct
Sign WV’s Safeguarding Policy
Sign Anti-Corruption Policy