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Job Summary

Job Description

Desired start date: December 2020

Duration of the mission: 12 months (renewable upon funding)

Location: Position based in Zahle (Beqaa)


SI’s mission in Lebanon is articulated around 2 bases: Zahle (East) and Tripoli (North, with a subbase in Akkar). The Coordination team is based in Beirut. Following the Aug. 4 Beirut blast, the Coordination team expanded to include an operational component with a team dedicated to the response in Beirut.

The expatriate team consists of 16 staff members, while the national team represents circa 150 staff members.

The mission’s overall budget reached 13M USD in 2020. Tripoli base counted for 60% of this amount, while Zahle accounted for the remaining 40%. In 2020, the mission’s overall budget is expected to total 15M USD.

Key programs/areas of intervention for the mission are the following:

  • Emergency WASH service provision in informal settlements (UNICEF funding)
  • Integrated Shelter For Protection and Health (BPRM Funding)
  • Integrated Multi-Hazard Risk Management (AFD Funding)
  • Water & Wastewater Prog. for Host & Refugee Communities (EU MADAD Funding)
  • Shelter/WASH for Protection response to Refugees (ECHO funding // North only)
  • Mapping of informal settlements (MEDAIR / UNHCR) – North only


Under the Hierarchical management of the Field Coordinator and the functional supervision of the HR, the Finance and the Logistic Coordinators; the Administrator – Logistician carries out administrative, HR, accounting, financial and logistics management of his/her base, in compliance with donors and Solidarités International procedures.

He/she organizes logistics and administrative support to the programs and carries out budget follow up in conjunction with the program managers.

He/she ensures that Solidarités International’s Human Resources policy is properly implemented as well as of the supervision of all the logistics and administrative activities at the base level.

He/she supports monitors and trains the members of his team.

He/she assists the base managers or the Field Coordinator to implement the security procedures.

  • Specific stakes and challenges:

    • Empower the Deputy Logistics Manager in Management and decision making
    • Should a new Admin setup be finalized upon arrival: support & train the Deputy Admin Manager. Alternatively, review, confirm and implement a new setup
  • Other major and related challenges:

    • Reinstitute good communication & relationship with programs
    • Internal logistics processes > make sure this is applied and followed-up (price list/market analysis etc.)
    • Communication with coordination: Request for support and reinstate formal and regular communication at all levels
  • Priorities for the 2/3 first months

    • Reinstate logistics & programs meetings
    • Carry out a purchasing environment analysis at the local level and supervise the update of price lists and supplier files
    • Empower national staff giving them more and more responsibilities
    • With others NGOs, initiate Logistics Cluster meetings


  • Human resources

    • Need for capacity building:
    • HR Assistant > lack of rigor & work quality very low, especially considering the manageable HR workload to date.
    • Deputy log manager > has very good technical skills but needs to take a step back on his team and has a wider vision. He needs support and guidance to manage his team.
  • If new admin setup > to support the Deputy Admin Manager to take over his/her position.

  • Follow-up the application of the new ISR & Salary grids being finalized by coordination

  • Logistics

    • Following of clear, strict and well-documented procurement procedures is central to the position.
    • Following of the internal functional process is capital for the work fluidity of the department.
    • Development of tools to follow-up contractors and be able to “grade” them
    • To restore/reinforce good communication with PMs
  • Finance

    • Control USD cash payment and reinforce internal control given the increased risk associated with the currency situation in Lebanon
    • Continuous follow-up on the economic situation to adapt our payments strategy
    • Communication/relation with Bank needs to be followed and maintained



  • Bachelor/Master degree in business administration, Finance, HR, Logistics, Political Sciences, International Relations, International Organisation Management or other relevant field


  • At least 1 years’ experience in the field at similar positions.
  • Proficiency in excel, word, outlook. Strong data management skills can be an asset.
  • Experience in conflict/post-conflict contexts, preferably with experience in supporting emergency responses.
  • Previous experience in the Middle East highly desirable, ideally in Lebanon.
  • Previous experience with SI an asset.
  • Experience in external coordination and development of local partnerships an asset.


  • Diplomacy and negotiation
  • Team management: capacity to manage a multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to delegate, build capacity and create a positive atmosphere


  • Leadership
  • Autonomy
  • Flexibility
  • Analysis and solution oriented.
  • Excellent organisational and prioritisation skills, and the ability to multi-task.
  • Stress management: ability to work under pressure, to meet tight deadlines, to face workload peaks
  • Diplomacy, cultural sensitivity, negotiation skills


  • Fluency in English (Speaking, Reading, Writing) a must
  • Arabic an asset (official language in the country)
  • French a plus (Zahle city is partly francophone, the mission is largely francophone)


  • Commitment to the fundamental principles of SI’s charter and ethos


A SALARIED POSITION: starting from 1980 euros gross per month (including 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly per diem of 750 USD a month. Please note that salary is not negotiable with SI.

VACATION: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of on 7 working days every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3/6 and 9 month (with 850 USD allocated by SI). To these break periods, it is necessary to add the granting of 1 additional rest day per month worked (i.e. 12 days in addition for a 1-year contract)

SOCIAL AND MEDICAL COVER: Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.

HOUSING /FAMILY PACKAGE: can be included, housing allowance; child and school allowance; insurances + flights for all the family members.


Lebanon is currently facing with three intertwined crises: political, economic and sanitary (COVID19). The social uprising which started in October 2019 has been further exacerbated over the past 6 months with a dire deterioration of the economic situation of a huge proportion of the Lebanese populations. Tensions are exacerbated which resulted in regular and violent demonstrations and riots over the last couple of months. The sanitary situation due to COVID19 also accelerated the deterioration of the economic situation with half of the Lebanese population now deemed to be under the poverty line, following decrease of salaries, job losses and devaluation of the Lebanese pound. Despite these on-going internal and external tensions, Lebanon’s security situation is currently good. There is no curfew in place on the Lebanon mission and international staff can move around without too many restrictions even though Akkar and the Beqaa valley include some no-go areas. The security measures in place could still be upgraded quickly depending on the context’s evolution.


As the governorate’s capital and one of the largest and safest cities in the area, Zahle is home to many iNGOs and UN agencies. Nearly all those operating in the area have offices and guesthouses around.

SI Expats are hosted in the Zahle guesthouse (

The Zahle guesthouse is located inside the city, at walking distance from shops, cafes and restaurants. The city hosts a cinema, several gyms and reputable walking and hiking trails. Each international staff member have their own room, access to 24/7 electricity and Wi-Fi, a central heating system for the winter as well as air conditioning for summer months.

Located about 1000m above sea level, Zahle is on the verge of Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa valley. The drive from Beirut takes approximately 1 hour, driving east. Known for an overall pleasant weather, temperatures roughly range from zero (or slightly single-digit negative) in winter with periodic snowstorms to 35 degrees in summer. Ski resorts and beaches are accessible for day trips. Zahle is a relatively liberal city by Lebanese standards and no particular clothing restrictions apply.