M&E expert for the development of performance monitoring instruments

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Job Summary

Job Description

The ADORE project under the EU Boosting Agriculture & Food Security (BAFS) Programme, has a lifespan of 4 years (start in December 2019) and is implemented by a consortium of different partners, who deliver their services according to their main specialization.

The objective is to bring value-added cocoa products to the domestic, the European and the North American markets by stimulating agribusiness growth, building on inclusive value chain partnerships and promoting an enabling policy environment.

In a collaborative manner, stakeholders in the cocoa value chain, from production to processing and marketing, as well as policy makers and regulators will be supported to create an enabling environment for organic Sierra Leonean cocoa and the final processed products.

The Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) has been placing a focus on agri-business promotion and wishes to facilitate investments in the country. The Action establishes the necessary coordination platforms and facilitates overarching initiatives to promote investments and raise Sierra Leone’s profile as a cocoa producing and processing nation.

The Action involves the key stakeholders and steering groups to contribute with expertise and play an advisory role in the policy development process to sustainably enhance Value Chain performance: · Chiefdom Authorities · District Councils · Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) · Sierra Leone Export Promotions Agency (SLIEPA), Produce Monitoring board (PMB) and the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau · Education institutions, such as Njala University

M&E expert for the development of performance monitoring instruments

Welthungerhilfe seeks to engage the services of a short-term expert to deliver technical assistance for the development of instruments to monitor and evaluate the performance of the organic cocoa Value Chain.

IFOAM Organics International, one of the project partners, will provide specialized advice from an organic perspective and will work closely with the consultant.

Expected outcome and output of the consultancy

Outcome: A suite of performance monitoring instruments is managed by the MAF and PMB, and helps to continually monitor, evaluate and change approaches within the VC to boost sector performance and effectivity.

Output: Validated suite of performance monitoring instruments for the organic cocoa value chain in Sierra Leone.

The activities of the consultancy should include but are not limited to:

  • The consultant/s will propose a methodology for the development process of the tools that should include two workshops with the stakeholders: a kick-off/ planning workshop and a validation workshop.
  • The consultant will work in close cooperation with the beneficiary in order to advise on the most relevant stakeholders for the participation in the two workshops
  • The consultant/s will provide facilitation of the two workshops.
  • In the period between the two workshops the consultant/s will lead the development of the suite of instruments. The draft of the concept is prepared and presented by him/her at the validation workshop.
  • The consultant/s will liaise closely with the project team and the key stakeholders throughout the process.

The Timetable

Publication of Call for Proposals on EU portal - 18.11.2020

Submission of proposals until - 18.12.2020

Selection of Expert - January

Start of mission - February


The Consultant/s will submit a short mission report and a comprehensive user-friendly manual with the developed and approved suite of performance instruments.

The manual should include

  • Concept
  • “Tool kit” for the developed M&E instruments, with a comprehensive overview of the selected indicators, the M&E plan, the methodology on the collection and reporting of data as well as the integration of cross-cutting dimensions (especially gender)
  • M&E Formats for monitoring missions

The key stakeholders will review the draft manual and the Consultant has to incorporate the inputs.

The assignment will only be close once the manual is formally accepted by the Welthungerhilfe.

Your qualifications will include:

The consultant should meet the following criteria:

  • Superior knowledge of monitoring and evaluation concepts and practices, preferably in relation with value chain development M&E
  • Ability to design comprehensive M&E tools
  • Proven experience in participatory result driven facilitation methodology
  • Proven understanding of economic and social context in West Africa
  • Proven understanding of challenges for sustainable agricultural value chains in developing countries
  • Experience in working within the Development agencies
  • Experience in working with Governmental institutions
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English

Your requirements will include:

Written quotation on letter headed paper (duly stamped and signed on a PDF format) conditioned as follows: · A technical proposal indicating concept note, detailed workplan, a timeline and methodology (maximum 10 pages)

  • The financial proposal
  • Daily fees for in-country, writing, travel, preparatory phase etc.
  • Cost of report and manualTravel costs abroad and flight
  • Per diems (accommodation and food)
  • Material costs for workshops
  • Miscellaneous
  • Up-dated CV(s)


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