M&E Officer (Innovation and Accountability), Gaziantep, Syria Turkey Corridor

WFP , Gaziantep, Turkey
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Job Summary

Job Description

Outcome 1: A strong M&E system to address issues and ensure learning is in place

  • Improve the work of the Field Office (FO) by identifying local training needs, and communicating these to the WFP CO
  • In close collaboration with WFP CO develop and deliver regular and ad-hoc trainings on M&E and areas identified as problematic during monitoring visits (e.g. warehousing, organization of distributions), to WFP Field Monitors (FMA), Third Party Monitors (TPM), Cooperating Partners (CP) and other relevant parties (e.g. school directors, retailers).
  • Ensure a balanced monitoring coverage across activities and gender for WFP and Third-Party Monitors, based on the MRE sampling plan, while keeping the priority of expanding WFP direct monitoring in accessible areas.
  • Inform WFP CO in a timely manner on all additional staffing needs for FMA and TPM and support in the selection process
  • Conduct regular stand alone and joint field visits to understand the operational context and ensure oversight over the work of FMAs, TPMs and CPs.
  • During field missions conduct Key Informant Interviews Focus Group discussions to validate monitoring findings, understand underlying issues and identify actionable solutions
  • Supervise FMAs and TPM staff by conducting joint visits for ad-hoc learning, verify and crosscheck monitoring findings, giving regular feedback on FMA and TPM performance
  • Test and improve monitoring tools during the development stage and during field visits, inform the WFP CO on any issues and make suggestions for enhancement of existing or development of new tools
  • Analyze all monitoring surveys conducted to extract key findings that need to be addressed at FO level, using excel and by adapting existing dashboards to FO needs
  • Summarize findings on a monthly basis, to identify patters and recurring issues, that need to be raised to CO level and addressed in a more collective manner
  • Follow up on monitoring and review findings received through FMA, TPM, CP and the Beneficiary Feedback System, to ensure corrective actions are taken as required, including recording in the Syria Monitoring Database issues tracking module, including consistent and regular follow up and sharing of findings with cooperating partners.
  • Produce regular reports relating to monitoring findings/analysis, status of results and implementation progress at FO level and liaise with FO colleagues (programme, supply chain field monitors, etc) accordingly.
  • Contribute to the preparation of accurate and timely reporting on programmes and activities that enable informed decision making and consistency of information presented to stakeholders.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the processes, make recommendations and lead the implementation of improvements as required
  • Liaise with internal and external counterparts to ensure effective collaboration, monitor oNGOing projects and highlight potential risks to project delivery.
  • Participate in the bi-weekly M&E Network call and other M&E meetings, coordinate and follow up as required.

Outcome 2: COMET and Distribution data is correct, up to date and reconciled

  • Support the FO on ensuring that COMET is up to date and reflect the correct information
  • Ensure the COMET Roles and Responsibilities are fulfilled as per the COMET SOP
  • Support WFP CO by coordinating reconciliation efforts at FO level

Outcome 3: Beneficiary Verification and the Re-targeting exercise is conducted in a successful and impartial manner

  • Supervise the coordination and implementation of the re-targeting exercise
  • Lead the training of CPs on the beneficiary targeting tool as well as act as WFP targeting focal point in the FO, liaising with Syria CO on the targeting exercise
  • Lead the verification process of the re-targeting exercise based on the guidance developed by the country office team (adapting the guidance to the FOs and the operationalization with partners).
  • Support the development of the guidance in terms of sensitization / communication to beneficiaries / partners related to the targeting / registration exercise, and the verification process.

Outcome 4: Beneficiaries are heard and have a direct line of contact

  • At FO level, act as focal point for the Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) team in the Syria CO and support the enhancement of the AAP System in Syria.
  • Ensure weekly reports received from the WFP Beneficiary Feedback Mechanism helpline and the helpdesks are reviewed, and cases are referred to the relevant focal points in the FOs as per the WFP defined process flow.
  • Follow-up on cases with FO focal points and ensure actions are taken, review actions, and update them in the ticketing system used by WFP for managing the feedback and complaints received from beneficiaries through the helpline and helpdesks (SugarCRM).
  • Follow-up with CP’s to ensure weekly and monthly helpdesk reports are shared with the FOs.
  • Ensure necessary information from the field is available to the CO AAP team and CP helpdesks and support initiatives to ensure a coordinated and effective messaging on WFP’s programmes.
  • Synthesize the BFM findings and link them to monitoring observations.

Outcome 5: Vulnerability Assessments and Mappings are conducted and shared with key stakeholders

  • Coordinate and participate in food needs assessment missions including rapid assessments, food security monitoring systems, market assessments and the annual inter-agency food security assessments
  • Provide technical support to WFP and Food Security Cluster to monitor and assess the changes in the food security and vulnerability status to facilitate programming decisions
  • Systematically ensure that monitoring and food security assessment findings influence adjustments to programme implementation, particularly in refining targeting and selection criteria
  • Coordinate regular collection of market prices according to specifications provided by the Country Office
  • Verify data reliability and support data entry of food security assessments and market prices Prepare regular food security updates on areas of operation under the Field Office


  • Support the preparation of FLAs for the M&E related sections or sections relevant to monitoring planning e.g. Food Distribution Point mapping
  • Support capacity strengthening initiatives of Cooperating Partners, particularly in beneficiary targeting, Food security outcome monitoring, Complaint and feedback mechanism and implementation of monitoring systems
  • Support the scale-up of CBT and the CBT capacity building of WFP staff, partners and national government to prepare for and respond to food assistance needs
  • Other duties as required


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