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Job Summary

Job Description


DEPARTMENT/PROJECT: GIZ’s Strengthening business orientation of smallholder farmers in Western Region (SBOSH)

SUPERVISOR: Project Manager


DATE OF EMPLOYMENT: 1st, February, 2021


job SCORE:

CARE has a commitment to gender, equity and diversity in our workplace and operations.
CARE respects and values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex,
gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, age, disability, religion or politics. This is reflected in
our recruitment decisions which are made entirely through a transparent, merit-based
selection process. All CARE staff are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and
Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) policies. CARE is committed to
protecting the rights of the communities whom we serve, and therefore reserves the right
to conduct background checks and other screening procedures to ensure a safe, dignified
work environment.


Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the Project Driver will be responsible for running official project errands; ensure safety of passengers on board and checking validity of vehicle insurance and other documentation. She/he will also be responsible for taking care of the assigned vehicle(s) in all aspects.

Responsibilities and Tasks

R.1: Perform driving duties for the project as and when necessary in accordance with Care Kenya policies


Task 1.1 Perform pre-journey, journey and post-journey vehicle checks [vehicle tyre pressure, vehicle fluids (Brake, clutch, engine oil, windshield water, battery water, etc.) checking for signs of leakage in the engine, differential, gear box and checking the general condition of the vehicle.

Task 1.2 Ensure timely transportation of the staff and property to the required destination while ensuring safety of the passengers, property and the vehicle according to the CARE Kenya policy.

Task 1.3 Perform all driving duties for the project as assigned by the supervisor or delegated authority.

R.2: Project Vehicle Documentation


Task 2.1 Ensuring that the road license and insurance policy of the vehicle (s) assigned to him/her are always valid

Task 2.2 Safeguard, maintain and update other Project Vehicle related documentation including Vehicle log (indicating date, description of journey, correct odometer reading at start and end of journey, time (am or pm) and ensuring that all entries are correct and accurate according to the CARE Kenya policy.

Task 2.3. Prepare Purchase Requisition for Vehicle service and necessary vehicle maintenance requirements when due.

R.3: Resource and Asset Management

Tasks 3.1 Ensure strict adherence to the CARE Kenya policy on Resources and Asset Management.**

Task 3.2 Handle CARE Kenya staff, guests and partners with courtesy.

Task 3.5 Handle the vehicle and materials assigned to him/her with care

Task 3.4 Perform minor routine Vehicle maintenance service and advice the Project Manager on general service and maintenance/ repair of the vehicle parts as necessary.

Task 3.5 Report vehicle condition to the supervisor after a trip

R.4: Other administrative support

Task 4.1 Carry out any other official errand duties as assigned by the supervisor.