Senior Education in Conflict and Crisis Specialist; Education Procurement Specialist

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The purpose of the Education Support Initiative (ESI) is to recruit, hire and maintain technical, professional, operational, and support staff that supply services to the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Education Office and education sector. ESI, contracted through Dexis Consulting Group,is recruiting for a Senior Education Data Specialist who will be embedded within USAID’s Office of Education and support specifically the Evidence Team.

The USAID South Sudan Mission needs two (2) consultants to lead a design of a new education in crisis and conflict (EiCC) activity as a follow-on to a current Integrated Essential Emergency Education Services (IEEES) activity implemented by UNICEF. The two ideal candidates would be:

  1. an Education Program Specialist with specific expertise in “education in conflict” to consult on the main project design or scope of work, including data collections and a needs assessment; and,
  2. an Education Procurement Specialist with knowledge of USAID’s procurement process and can pull together a final “package” that is ready for submission to the Office of Acquisitions & Assistance (OAA).

Both consultants will partner with the USAID/South Sudan Mission and our technical backstops based in Washington DC as part of a larger assessment and design team.


In order for USAID/South Sudan to procure a new mechanism to provide humanitarian focused education interventions in a conflict environment, the Education Office needs to fully understand the current environment (i.e. changes in context, level of need, etc.). Therefore, two consultants are required to work with the mission’s Education Team and Washington-based technical backstops (in the Office of Sudan & South Sudan Programs and the E3/Education Office) to draft a project document suitable for procuring a follow-on award.

The Education Program Specialist will work throughout the duration of this SOW and provide leadership on all tasks and deliverables, including creation of a work plan, timeline and preparation of the in-brief and out-brief with the Mission’s Education Team. S/he will also ensure that all USAID program design processes (as outlined in the Mission Order) are adhered to, including recommendations on the performance monitoring and evaluation plan.

The Education Procurement Specialist will be involved once the design has reached a stage requiring choice of instrument for the award (contract or grant) and will contribute to finalizing a procurement package that can be submitted to the OAA.

The following tasks and responsibilities are expected primarily from the Education Program Specialist, with the support of the Education Procurement Specialist.

Provide virtual and on-site (South Sudan) research and data gathering on the education situation in South Sudan. This can be achieved through:

  • a desk review of current and previous activity reports, assessments, evaluations
  • in-country meetings with the current implementing partner (UNICEF), the Education Cluster and other stakeholders (implementing agencies/organizations, NGOs, local civil society organizations, etc.) who are supporting “education in emergencies” to gather lessons learned to date
  • field visits to 3-4 of the current implementation locations to assess current needs

The following tasks and responsibilities are expected from both consultants:

  • design of a new “emergency / access” activity
  • SOW/Program Description
  • Choice of Instrument memo
  • a government cost estimate of implementing education interventions across both rural and urban centers in order to better understand the implementation costs of working in South Sudan
  • Senior Obligation Alignment Review/SOAR action memo
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Ascertain the number of agencies/organizations currently working in the education sector across the country to inform who might be viable partners for an “education in emergencies” type activity


  1. Read background documents on the education program and context in South Sudan (due within 2 days of issuance of contract). Background documents can be zipped and shared.
  2. Conduct a 10-14 visit to South Sudan to observe/assess the situation first hand (tentatively scheduled for mid-May); during this visit, produce the following:
    • Collaborate with USAID/South Sudan’s Education Team to produce a timeline and schedule of activities, field visits, etc., and finalize deliverables (due by the close of business on day 2 of the field visit).
    • USAID’s Education Office staff will assist in setting up an initial itinerary of meetings and field visits for the Program Specialist to conduct upon arrival to South Sudan. Meetings will include implementing partner and other stakeholders (donors, UN, etc.).
    • Debrief Education Office staff on preliminary findings and design recommendations (due by the end of the visit to South Sudan). This debriefing will take the form of bullets and will address findings, challenges, initial recommendations, and any other key issues or discussion points. The audience for this debriefing will be the Education Team, Program Office, Office of Acquisition & Assistance, and the Front Office.
    • Engage Washington-based colleagues in the Office of Sudan & South Sudan Programs and the E3/Education Office to share preliminary findings and seek collaborative feedback/input (this can be done virtually while still in South Sudan).
    • In collaboration with the Procurement Specialist, draft initial design recommendations. This can be in the form of an electronic version sent to the Mission Education Team.
    • Finalize drafting of PD/SOW needed for solicitation (done remotely)
  3. USAID will have ten (10) business days to review the draft and provide comments. During this time, the Procurement Specialist will complete drafting of other sections of the solicitation package for submission to the Mission:
    • Senior Obligation Alignment Review/SOAR action memo
    • Choice of Instrument memo
    • Government Cost Estimate
    • Evaluation criteria
  4. USAID will have an additional week to review the above drafts from date of submission, including any revised drafts of the SOW/PD.
  5. Once USAID returns them to the Consultant, s/he will have one week to finalize all documents.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Masters degree in relevant field is preferred
  • The ideal Education Program Specialist would have at least 10-15 years of experience in Education in Conflict and Crisis
  • The ideal Education Program Specialist would have relevant international experience
  • The ideal Education Procurement Specialist would have at least 5-8 years of relevant experience
  • The ideal Education Procurement Specialist would have deep knowledge of USAID systems and processes.
  • The ideal candidates would be available from May 2019 – July 2019
  • Relevant experience in the international education development sector.