Training and Development Officer

Takaful , Gaziantep, Turkey
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Job Summary

Job Description

General Description of the Organization:
Takaful Al Sham Charity is a non-governmental civil society organization devoted to alleviating the suffering and improving the sustainability mechanisms of the conflict-affected populations.
Takaful Al Sham Charity partners directly with affected Syrian populations delivering humanitarian and development programs, Early recovery, Education, and Protection, to enable them to improve their living practices and their sustainability mechanisms.

Work Station:

Turkey -Gaziantep

Reporting To:

Admin&HR Coordinator

• identify training and development needs within an organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes, and regular consultation with business managers and human resources departments
• design and expand training and development programs based on the needs of the organization and the individual
• work in a team to produce programs that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as line managers, accountants, and senior managers at board level
• consider the costs of planned programs and keep within budgets
• plan and assess the 'return on investment' of any training or development program
• develop effective induction programs for new staff, apprentices, and graduate trainees
• monitor and review the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers
• devise individual learning plans
• conduct appraisals
• produce training materials for in-house courses
• create and/or deliver a range of e-learning packages
• manage the delivery of training and development programs
• ensure that statutory training requirements are met
• evaluate training and development programs
• amend and revise programs as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment
• help line managers and trainers solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups
• keep up to date with developments in training by reading relevant journals, going to meetings, and attending relevant courses
• research new technologies and methodologies in workplace learning and present this research.

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or in a relevant field.
  • Four years of experience designing and implementing employee development programs.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Adept with a variety of multimedia training platforms and methods.
  • Ability to evaluate and research training options and alternatives.
  • Ability to design and implement effective training and development.